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5 reasons how budli can help to grow your business

“Budli”, (meaning “Change” in Hindi) allows trading in used devices pre-owned gadgets conveniently and effortlessly for cash. The devices, like second hand smartphones, tablets, iPods and laptops, go through our QC & Refurbishment restoration process and are then resold as refurbished devices.

We offer refurbished phones at a fair price.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge BIG Update!

After a long wait, Samsung has finally started rolling out Android Nougat 7.0 update. This update has been rolled out globally by Samsung a few weeks ago and now it has made it to India. The company has been beta testing the Android Nougat with various devices of theirs since November 2016

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There’s Someone New In My Bedroom

She came into my life just a few days back and we’re still getting to know each other. Conversations with her can be fun at times but I wish she had better sense of humour. She keeps me up to date with the latest news and weather. Both of us

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5 Myths About Smartphones Exposed!

We are surrounded by the world which has rumours spreading faster than the actual news. In the same manner, there are many myths about smartphones that people still believe to be true. Here we are going to bust a few of the myths about smartphones.

Myth 1: iPhone will work faster when

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Sensitive To Touch? Microsoft Knows What You Feel

“It uses the hands as a window to the mind,” Ken Hinckley (Principal Researcher at Mircrosoft Research) said.
Recently Microsoft have launched that they are working on the haptics, the sense of touch in mobile phones. In collaboration with University of Southern California and University of Waterloo, the research in

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