Why buy a second hand laptop online

Why buy second hand laptops online?

In recent years, tech devices like laptops and computers have become imperative. Almost every sector makes use of them in order to run their daily operations. Be it home or office, this device has made such a phenomenal difference, especially in this era of ‘work from home’ and social distancing in

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Startup entrepreneur Rohit Bagaria - Founder Budli.in

Five pitfalls to avoid as a startup entrepreneur

Starting up is never easy. Here is a list of five pitfalls which I have learnt to be wary of as a startup entrepreneur:


1. Committing to expensive resources too early

With meager resources, it is imperative to choose how and where to judiciously utilize them. Investment in

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what is refurbishing process in smartphones

What is the refurbishing process in mobiles?

The smartphone has become an elixir for life, thanks to its multiple uses. Today, users have a lot of options in getting smartphones through eCommerce. But with the emergence of recommerce, buyers now have an attractive proposition – a well-functioning refurbished mobile at a fraction of the price of a

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What you should know about buying used laptops in India

What you should know when you buy used laptops in India

Having a laptop has become a necessity nowadays. Everyone from working professionals to students owns one. But, buying laptops isn’t cheap in this inflated market. And that is why many people choose to buy used laptops in India. 

One can easily come across multiple sellers of used laptops both online and

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