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what is refurbishing process in smartphones

What is the refurbishing process in mobiles?

The smartphone has become an elixir for life, thanks to its multiple uses. Today, users have a lot of options in getting smartphones through eCommerce. But with the emergence of recommerce, buyers now have an attractive proposition – a well-functioning refurbished mobile at a fraction of the price of a

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Are Our Smartphones Really Smart and Secure

Are Our Smartphones Really Smart and Secure?

Is your smartphone secure? Do you think your smartphone is really secure to perform financial transactions on your device and share your personal information with your loved ones via your mobile phone? Most of the online activities that you perform are unsafe and are often trackable.

This is bad when it

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First 5 steps for a bootstrapped tech startup

Thinking of being an entrepreneur? Trying to make your mark in this start-up world? It’s not so hard as it looks from outside, but that doesn’t mean it’s a piece of cake too.

More than money you need to have two more things to start your business. A strong leap of

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iPhone X Issues: Everything that you need to know

Ten years ago, the world got much bigger making our gadgets smaller all in one shot. Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, the first internet connected smartphone that put user experience above all, finally 10 years later, Apple introduced iPhone X. There have been many rumours about the iPhone X before

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5 reasons how budli can help to grow your business

“Budli”, (meaning “Change” in Hindi) allows trading in used devices pre-owned gadgets conveniently and effortlessly for cash. The devices, like second hand smartphones, tablets, iPods and laptops, go through our QC & Refurbishment restoration process and are then resold as refurbished devices.

We offer refurbished phones at a fair price.

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