What is the refurbishing process in mobiles?

Refurbished mobile

The smartphone has become an elixir for life, thanks to its multiple uses. Today, users have a lot of options in getting smartphones through eCommerce. But with the emergence of recommerce, buyers now have an attractive proposition – a well-functioning refurbished mobile at a fraction of the price of a new one!

If this USP has piqued your interest then you definitely need to know the various reasons that make it a smart choice for the cost-conscious Indian consumer. Today we cover three broad areas –

  • What are refurbished smartphones?
  • How to buy them?
  • What are the benefits of buying them?

What are refurbished mobiles?

A refurbished phone refers to a pre-owned handset which the technician re-instates to an ‘almost-like-new’ status.

These technicians take the phones through a rigorous testing procedure before they label the device as a refurbished phone. They carry out the tests to detect the battery, buttons, camera, etc.

The seller will also verify audio quality and screen responsiveness, and how it connects to the internet.

To maintain confidentiality, the seller wipes the information from the phone to offer you a fresh phone. Some refurbished mobile sellers equip the device with latest operating system to enhance their buying power.

Before buying the used phone, it is essential that the user clears the phone from any indication of prior ownership. Refurbished phone sellers restore it to the factory settings to ensure that the consumer gets phone according to his preferences.

What are the benefits of buying a refurbished smartphone?

Today, the refurbished mobile sellers go to a great extent to assure their buyers of quality. Though there are many apprehensions about it, the makers have made big strides in improving the battery life, quality, processor, etc. Hence these remain a great buying choice even after a person has used it and sold it.

Here are the benefits of buying refurbished phones

1 – Significant savings

The main benefit of buying a refurbished phone is the savings that you make. If a reputable center refurbishes the phone, you can get a good phone with great performance and battery life. Along with that, you will get a warranty that will secure you from unseen damages of a future period.

2 – Reduce carbon emissions

Constantly changing the phone and updating to a new one can contribute to landfill. In this way, you can save money and also reduce your carbon footprint.

3 – Some devices are in good working condition

Just because the refurbished mobile is refurbished does not mean that it is not in good working condition. Some people prefer to buy older versions because of their enriched camera quality or operating system, so they search for devices that have similar features. Buying a refurbished smartphone is not a rip-off.

4 – Superior Quality of refurbished mobiles

 A refurbished smartphone is not always a faulty phone. At certain times, the buyer may return the new phone. It may not be because it was faulty or damaged, but he might have purchased another one. Since the refurbished phone goes through multiple checks, you will get an edge with a device that not only performs well, but retails at a low price point. Its emphasis on quality ensures that these smartphones come with a warranty period, which means you are safe. Some dealers offer a money-back guarantee option too, which means that you will get a refund within specific days.

5 – Technicians do 100% checks before entering the market.

The team of technician carries a complete process with multiple tests to ensure that your refurbished smartphones work appropriately. The dealers are aware of credibility, and hence they make efforts to improve the phone functioning. The idea is to buy a refurbished mobile from a reputable dealer to ensure that you don’t get a tweaked phone.

6 – Refurbished mobile functions as a new phone

Many people are skeptical before buying a refurbished phone. Do they function as a new phone? Well, a skilled technician can repair a mobile phone with minor damages so that it starts functioning as a new phone.  It all depends upon who refurbished it and how well they resolved the technical glitch.


All these reasons explain the popularity of refurbished phones. However, you need to carry out due diligence to bring home the device. Make sure to connect with a reputed refurbished phone seller to avail of a fabulous deal on a pre-owned smartphone.

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