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Technology is constantly advancing; a flurry of tablets are launched at breakneck speed. And each version is better than the previous one! Before, one can go ahead and buy the latest tablet, getting rid of the old one is important. However, selling a second hand tablet and getting a fair price for it is not easy. Until Now.

At, you can sell your used tablet instantly, online directly to us. The procedure is simple, fast and hassle-free. In fact, the transaction comprise of three easy steps- Price Quote, Shipping and Get Paid.

Simply choose your product from the listed models, select specifications, condition, age, accessories included and obtain an instant price quote. Once you agree to the price offer, confirm the order and it shall be picked up free of cost from most locations in India and shipped to us.
Once we receive it, we shall verify it against your selection and pay through online bank transfer or cheque. In case there is a discrepancy in the evaluation of the product, the price will be re-quoted or else it will be returned back free of cost back to you. It’s completely risk free! is a great place to sell your used gadget
Not only does make selling your old tab fast,we also arrange free shipping pickup from most locations in India. The process is instantaneous because, you do not have to wait to find a buyer or list the product up for auction.
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