A Tale of Fortune 500 Companies and the Bitcoin

A Tale of Fortune 500 Companies and the Bitcoin

Bitcoin came out as a disorganized currency that users were able to transfer over the Internet without much regulation from the government. But with years passed by, today it is on the verge of becoming a global currency which has no central governance upon it. Lots and lots of people are switching to bitcoin to send and receive payments both nationally and internationally.

With such a huge potential user base, now the big companies – “Fortune 500” companies are making their shift to accept the bitcoins to perform transactions in their organizations.

Bitcoin is turned out to be a very valuable market, how much? Well, in the first quarter of 2014, Bitcoin was valued at about $6.45 billion. During this time, Overstock.com became the first large e-commerce retailer to accept Bitcoin, yielding them $130,000 in revenue for their first 24 hours.

Big money, isn’t it?

With the evolution of bitcoin there came companies which ran the payment gateways to perform these bitcoin transactions. Coinbase was one such company. With the help of companies like Coinbase and other similar companies, the Fortune 500 companies like Dell, 1-800 Flowers and Newegg have taken the bitcoin transaction market to get their share of this new revenue stream.

It is no secret that companies sell the products where the customers are. Following the same, since a huge number of people are turning to payments using bitcoin these big companies have no other choice than to accept this mode of payment in order to sustain and survive in a competitive market of today’s world.

The reason for this acceptance of bitcoin by these Fortune500 companies is not only because the users are present but also because it saves them a lot of money. When companies perform transactions there is an amount that has to be paid to the bank to process that and also to the government. But by using bitcoin all these extra expenditures is cut down and that means more profits for the company.

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