iPhone 8: Is it the most compact phone of 2017?

2017, is the most important for Apple because it has been 10 years since the provenance of Apple’s revolutionary device, the iPhone. At the 10th anniversary event, Apple unveiled its iPhone 8 along with the 8 Plus offering us an outstanding experience.

The smallest among Apple’s new smartphones is the iPhone 8. The smallest phone has most incredible features like it has the new A11 Bionic chip inside ensures games and augmented reality apps run smoothly, Iphone8 gives us an early experience of augment reality and the device’s 12-megapixel camera is much improved over last year. Finally, apple brings wireless charging in iphone8. iPhone 8 have minor changes when compared to iPhone 7 but those minor changes make a major difference between them. Not everything is perfect, the iPhone 8 lacks the dual camera found in the 8 Plus. But, for all the Apple fans who want a blend of the Apple style and top-tier performance, iPhone 8 is the best option.

Is iPhone is the best compact device of this year? Yes, it is the best compact smartphone and let’s see why it is the best of all compact mobiles.

  1. Design:

From the front, iPhone 8 looks like iPhone 7 all the people thought that this is going to be iPhone 7S. It has the same home button but there are changes in the iPhone 8, the metal back has been replaced with glass – which feels and delivers a look that is much more premium for a finish that’s similar to the Jet Black and it is prone of fingerprints.

  1. New Screen Technology:

Apple has introduced true tone first time in a mobile device where it is already used in iPads. True Tone Display works by automatically adjusting the screen colour based on the ambient light in the room to offer accurate colors when you’re using it. The tech simply makes things just look better without you really realizing. The True Tone Display gives us high dynamic range (HDR) content from apps like Netflix. The screen features Apple’s 3D Touch technology that allows you to press down harder to access deeper contextual menus.

  1. Wireless charging:

One of the big new features of the iPhone 8 this year is wireless charging. It’s the main reason the phone has now got a glass back. For wireless charging all we need is a wireless charging pad, this means that we can charge our iPhone by putting it on a wireless charging pad. One more important feature in iPhone is that it gives a more powerful charger with a different cable (which are not included in the box). We can charge our battery very swiftly. If you have a new USB-C powered MacBook you can use that charger.

  1. Processor and Storage:

The iPhone 8 features the same A11 Bionic processor found in the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. That power allows you to do a number of things, including running augmented reality (AR) apps, which is something Apple is trying to push up at the moment, as well as the usual array of apps and games that you are already enjoying, or have yet to enjoy. iPhone 8 gives us storage front in two options: 64gb and 256 GB, this is the best update in iPhone series, because there’s no microSD card expansion for the iPhone, as there has never been.

  1. Preloaded with iOS 11:

The iPhone 8 comes pre-loaded with the new iOS 11. The latest version of Apple’s operating system features a number of new tricks. There are new photo editing features, a Do Not Disturb feature that automatically activates when you are driving so you aren’t tempted to look at your mobile and a much improved Control Center that brings everything back in a single panel. “Quick Start” is one new feature that will help you transfer all the data from your old iPhone to a new one without fuzz. Using this feature is much faster as it remembers passwords and this makes setting up the new iPhone very easy and fast as well.

In this era were the mobile manufacturers are increasing the size of the device rapidly, its nice to see iPhone 8 being compact with a ton of features and comfortable to use one-handed. If ever I was asked anything about iPhone 8, I would definitely tell that it is the best compact phone that a person can own.

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