Why mid range smartphones are better than high range smartphones?

Why mid range smartphones are better than high range smartphones

Before we jump into the topic of why mid range smartphones are better than high range smartphones. Let us first look at – what mid range and high range smartphones are.

A mid range phone is a phone which is priced between Rs 10,000 –  Rs 25,000. The smartphones that are priced above Rs 25,000 are usually called as the high range smartphones.

For an average user like a student, a teacher, a normal employee the mid range smartphones will get the work done without any trouble. The mid-range smartphones these days are coming power packed with all the latest tech and features.

With all the latest and powerful processors and high capacity RAMs in place with a premium build quality and amazing battery life – these mid range smartphones are no less than the high range devices. The only difference you might find with the mid and high range device will be in terms of camera quality and tasks (performance) handling. This means that high range smartphones can get the work done in 1 second, whereas the mid range smartphone takes around 1.5 seconds.

That’s just an example and that’s just a small difference which you won’t find so drastic that you will choose a high range device over a mid range one. Yes, the high range devices do have a lot of extra features, but most of the features just add luxury and are not a necessity. So, there is no point in going for a high range smartphone when you’re getting the similar at a relatively lower price.

What if I told you that there is a way using which you can get your hands on the high range smartphones for the price of mid range or even for the price of low range smartphones?

Would you like to know about that?

You do? Thought so!

The answer for your question is Refurbished products. Now, you might ask – what are refurbished products? In simple terms, refurbished products are those which are open boxed, i.e. used by a customer before and now it has been sold to a refurbishing company. This refurbishing company then takes the product and analysis it for any faults and issues. Then a team of professional engineers fix all the issues with that device (if any) and then the product is re-priced and sold again in the market for a competitive price.

Before you go any further with comparing refurbished products with second hand products, read this. The second hand devices do not have a guarantee of its working which is not the case with refurbished devices.

Best part?

Refurbished products come with a warranty and that is what sets these products apart from the second hand ones. With a warranty in hand, your money is in safe hands and the product you get is of high quality – so there is no point in complaining.

So, where can you get your hands on these refurbished products? You are here already!

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