Why Are Certain Products Returned to the Manufacturers?

Electronics were always preferred to be purchased offline rather than online, this was the thought a long time ago but now the online shopping sites and the official manufacturing sites provide services which compel the users to prefer purchasing electronics online. In fact, online sites give us a better choice of products than any other offline store. The online sites also provide shipment services, product warranty, return policy and many others which are not found in offline stores. The return policy is a very interesting one, it is provided only in the online sites and offline stores, certified by the manufacturer. In this post, let us see why certain products are actually returned to the manufacturers.

  1. Wrong product purchased:

This is a very common mistake the users commit and it leads to the product being sent back to the manufacturer. Here the user might have ordered a product, let us say a home theatre, he might be pretty sure about its size and placement in his house but when its home, it might not gel in well. In this case, he ordered a wrong product and would return it to the manufacturer. To prevent this from happening all the online sites have an accurate description of the products, which can help the user predict the product more accurately.

  1. Product no longer needed:

If the user no longer needs the product he ordered, he will definitely return it and invest that money in something which is useful. This generally happens when there is a change in the trend or in the circumstances of usage of the product. If a person ordered a printer and a few days later he finds that he got promoted and has a printer in his new office then he would no longer need the printer he ordered. This way products may return back to the manufacturer.

  1. Wrong description of the product:

This is a very rare thing to happen but it does. A product might have been described beyond its capabilities and when the user finds that the received product is not on par with the description on the site then the user can go ahead and return the product. This might happen with some cheap electronics you find in online stores.

  1. User not familiar with the product:

Most of us are always on a quest to find something new, few products purchased online are for a trial purpose. If the user likes the product and gets along well with it then the user would keep it, the same way around if the user finds any difficulty in using the product then the best option is to return the product.

  1. Change of choice:

As humans, we tend to change our choices with time but when users purchasing products online change their mind, they end up returning the product back to the manufacturer. It might be on simple things like the colour of the mobile or the RAM of a desktop, it might be anything. Once the user’s choice changes the product is no longer needed.

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