Which Refurbished Phones to Buy This Diwali?

10 refurbished phones that you can buy this diwali

Diwali or ‘the festival of lights’ comes with a spirit of gifting and spreading happiness. This year, resolve to be smartly cost efficient by buying refurbished phones.

These phones are good in quality and are worth going for. Here, in this article, we have mentioned 10 refurbished phones that you can buy this Diwali.

1 – Apple iPhone

When it comes to buying a phone, iPhone always tops the list. Now you can buy this premium brand from the website that sells the refurbished iPhone. The specification of different variants is mentioned clearly, along with a step by the step buying process. It makes it easier for you to understand what you are buying.

2 – Xiaomi

If you plan to buy Xiaomi, it is the right time to crack the deal. It is rightly considered one of the most powerful smartphones available in India. Many reputed websites are offering a refurbished phone with attractive deals; go grab it.

3 – One Plus phones

Every time a One Plus Phone is launched in the market there is a amazing excitement. If you are One Plus phone enthusiast, you can easily buy them from a refurbished marketplace, to get a cost advocate.

4 – Samsung Galaxy A 12

Known for its high pixels camera and high memory storage, the phone is worth buying for. Sites like Budli have a good assortment of Samsung Galaxy that you can consider for Diwali.

5 – Panasonic and Lenovo phone combo

The phone combo is total ‘value-for-money’ deal for refurbished phone enthusiasts. The site shows it priced at 85% less than original price, and can be a cracker of a deal.  

6 – Aakash Tab

Be it fun, entertainment, or learning, the refurbished Aakash tab is just what you need this Diwali.

7 – Redmi Note 10

Today, Redmi has captured the market with its premium and budget smartphones. The camera quality of the phones is outstanding, so is its battery performance. So, buying a refurbished Redmi smartphone would be a great deal.

8 – Nokia 2.4 Android Smartphone

The old memories are difficult to erase. If you are a Nokia phone fan, buying it would not be a mistake from a good refurbished website. The phone is sturdy and has powerful AI features to help you stay updated. It can even capture the images in dim light.

9 – Real Me 5 Pro

Another smartphone that is taking the internet market by swings is Real Me. You can buy the ultra-premium phone at a low cost from a refurbished phone website. The phones have 8 GB RAM and 128GB RAM, depending upon the variant you are selecting.


You can buy all these phones from a reputed refurbished website for Diwali 2021. However, ensure that the supplier has a strong QC process and offers you transparent deals.

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