WhatsApp tricks: Top 5 must know cheat codes of Facebook-owned app

WhatsApp tricks: Top 5 must know cheat codes of Facebook-owned app

WhatsApp is already a very user-friendly social app where the highest number of active users are found every month. This Facebook-owned company does not take anything for granted and so it works hard and brings up updates frequently to improve its ease of using. As a part of this process, WhatsApp has released many updates in the past one year. These updated features are still unknown to a few though. The new features have been very useful to date. WhatsApp has around 150 billion active users per month and it is growing at a great speed.

In this post, let us see 5 tricks which you definitely have to know.

  1. Read messages without the sender knowing:

This is one of the most important features of WhatsApp. The blue ticks that you see when you send a message through WhatsApp indicate that the person to whom the message was sent has received and read the message. By toggling this feature ON blue ticks will no longer be visible. This feature is for the ones who don’t want to disclose if they read the message or not. Enabling this feature is quite simple: on the top right corner you’ll find three dots, click on it and go to settings, then click on the account and then privacy, here you will find a toggle for read receipts. Toggle this option according to your convenience.

  1. ‘Delete’ or ‘unsend’ a message:

This feature was first introduced with a condition that a message could be deleted only within 7 mins of its sent time. But later there were a lot of improvements in it and now you can delete a particular message permanently from all the devices within 68 hours roughly. To delete a message you just have to long press the message and select delete for everyone.

  1. How to use starred messages:

This is a very useful tool in WhatsApp, where you can bookmark a particular message and refer to it anytime in the future. To star a message you just have to long press the message and click on the star.

  1. Share your ‘live location’:

This feature lets the users share their real-time location. To share it, the user just has to open the chat of a group or person to whom the location is to be shared and then click on share live location. The live location of the users will be valid for 15 minutes, one hour and eight hours. Users can add comments and also cancel “location-sharing” anytime.

  1. Know what data WhatsApp has collected from you:

This feature enables users to check which information is being collected. It can be checked through their ‘Account Info Report’. You should first go to settings and then Account and there you’ll find request account info.

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