What you should know when you buy used laptops in India

What you should know about buying used laptops in India

Having a laptop has become a necessity nowadays. Everyone from working professionals to students owns one. But, buying laptops isn’t cheap in this inflated market. And that is why many people choose to buy used laptops in India. 

One can easily come across multiple sellers of used laptops both online and offline. In fact, the purchase rate of refurbished laptops has significantly increased compared to new ones as you get a fully functional unit at a fraction of the total cost. So, it is fair to say that buying second-hand laptops is a great idea. But as a smart customer you need to avoid the perils of not carrying out due diligence before you buy a used laptop in India.

To help you in the process, we have assembled this blog with certain tricks and tips to ensure that you buy used laptops. Let’s begin!

1- Know what you need

Before you start looking for a seller on trusted social media sites, know what you want from your laptop. Every person has a unique expectation from the devices. 

For instance, a business professional may be looking for a laptop with better RAM, storage and processor. But a home-schooling child may not need many specifications. Regardless, ensure the laptop has a dual-core processor at the base, with a minimum of 4GB RAM along with 500GB storage space. 

2- Do your research

We know pre-owned laptops can help you save a lot, but that doesn’t mean you should be impulsive when you buy used laptops. Do some research by comparing quoted price, brand, specifications, etc. 

If you buy a laptop that is a year old at a price that is closer to the new one, then that would be a loss as you may end up losing the warranty.  

3- Pick the right size and form

Laptops come in various sizes and styles. So, it is common for people to get confused in choosing the right one. 

When it comes to size, laptops start from 13-inches and go up to 17-inches. If you are looking for portability, then go for small size laptops. If you are going to use it only at home, then opt for a larger size laptop. 

4- Go for a fully functional laptop

There are sellers who can dupe you. So, don’t buy used laptops without checking them properly. 

Even if you are buying used laptops online, ensure to check their policy. Go for one who allows you to do an on-premise inspection too. 

Then check for these basic things:

  • Turn on the laptop and use it for a few minutes. 
  • Inspect all the ports, webcam and check for the presence of an optical drive.
  • Play audio to test the speakers and see if the Wi-Fi is functional
  • Also, inspect for any external wear and tear. 

5- Stay vigilant when you buy used laptops

You will come across Mac or Windows operating system. If you want MacBook, then make sure that you are getting the right model. For instance, a 2011 MacBook under Rs 20,000 may not be the best option in 2021, even if it runs perfectly fine. 

Instead, go for a mid-range windows laptop that has better features within your price range. 

Bottom line

Buying a used laptop in India should not be a difficult task. By performing the above-mentioned checks, you can avoid buying a laptop that will make you regret down the line.

If possible, get in touch with genuine sellers like Budli who have been in the market for a few years. This way, you will know that your money is going in the right place, and you will get total value for money. 

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