What You Should Know Before Buying a Refurbished mobile?

What You Should Know Before Buying Refurbished mobile

Besides food, clothing and shelter, mobile phones have become a basic necessity for the modern-day person. In fact, a smartphone with data plays a vital role in shaping one’s behavior and enables decision making for purchases or subscriptions. 

However, brand new mobiles do not always fall under the customer’s budget. This results in people opting for refurbished mobiles, meaning an otherwise high performance device can be purchased at a more affordable price tag. 

What points to consider when purchasing a refurbished mobile?

Even though the lowest price tag makes refurbished mobiles enticing, there are a lot of things to consider before making the purchase. 

In this blog, we will share our insights on details you must know before buying the refurbished mobiles. 

1- Look for the warranty of the refurbished mobile

Refurbished mobiles have some amount of warranty cover. And since a refurbished phone has had some defect before, the warranty can offer you the right protection if something new pops up at a certain time within the warranty. 

So, always ensure to buy refurbished phones only from genuine sellers because they will offer authentic coverage. 

2- Know what you are buying

A refurbished phone is typically one that was returned by the previous customer due to an error in the phone or exchanged for a better model. Regardless of what the reason was, credible sellers get these phones repaired and repacked to be sold as refurbished again.

Then there comes a batch of refurbished phones that were detected with defects during the manufacturing process itself. Such phones are taken off the line, repaired and then sold as second-hand. You should strive to buy a refurbished Samsung online or a refurbished iPhone online only from authentic sellers like Budli.

3- Check if the refurbished mobile comes with genuine accessories

Your smartphones are incomplete without their accessories. Many refurbished mobiles do not have accessories, especially if they are second-hand. 

So, it is important to inspect the accessories sold by the seller along with the refurbished phone. Ensure the accessories belong to the make and model. For instance, a 1Amp charger of another phone will damage the battery of a phone with a 2.1Amp battery. 

4- Request for a valid invoice for the refurbished mobile

Always buy the refurbished phone from a seller who is ready to back up the product by providing a valid bill or invoice. If the seller isn’t ready to provide the bill or invoice, then that is a major red flag. 

Keep in mind; a valid invoice will come in handy to repair the device or return it if any fault is found. 

5- Look for network locks

The last thing you must check is the network lock in your refurbished phone. This is because imported refurbished phones can lock out the network, meaning your SIM card may not work. 

Even though there are ways to bypass the lock, it is better to steer clear of such devices. 

Bottom line

The refurbished market is slowly yet steadily expanding, but that doesn’t mean you should stay away from performing quality checks from your end. 

It is always best to be vigilant with these tips when you connect with a refurbished seller online. This way, you can stay away from a loss making proposition.

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