What to Do Before You Sell an Old Android Phone?

sell old Android phone

Buying a new phone usually means you have to first sell the old Android phone for cash. But, people usually don’t know how to prep their old Xiaomi or used Oppo phone for selling to another party. 

Well, if you have the same concern, too, then you have come to the right place. 

In this blog, we will share our insights on top things people must do before they sell old Android phones. Let’s begin!

1- Back up the contacts

As an Android user, you may use Google apps a lot. So, make sure that you backup all of your contacts. If your contacts aren’t synced with your Google account, then do it manually using Google Contacts

2- Back up the call records and messages

Similar to how you can back up your contacts, you can back up your calls and messages, too. For that, you can use third-party software. 

Or else, you can back up the messages and calls on Google Drive and then restore it from there once you have a new device on hand. 

3- Back up the media

This can be done on the cloud or an external storage device. If you want to back up your videos and photos, then use Google Photos, Google Drive, Microsoft’s OneDrive, DropBox or any other reliable cloud services. 

You can also physically transfer the media files to an external storage device. 

4- Log out before you sell the old Android phone

Now, go ahead and log out from all the accounts you use on your phone. Social media applications to Gmail accounts, etc. 

You can check for all logged-in accounts by searching “accounts” in the phone’s setting, or you can go to “accounts” through the Gmail setting. 

If you use Whatsapp, then make sure to create a chat backup for the app’s setting to Google. This way, you can restore everything when you freshly install Whatsapp on your new device. 

5- Check and remove micro SD card

If you use a micro SD card, then make sure to remove it from the device. But, before that, check if the data stored on it is safely stored or not. 

6- Perform factory reset

Once all the necessary backups are made, go ahead and do a factory reset by selecting “Erase all data.” This way, everything from your phone will be erased. 

7- Repack the device

Now wipe down your phone properly to get rid of dust traces. We assume that you still have the box and the accessories. 

Put the phone and accessories back inside the box and get ready to resell them. 

You can either sell it through a third-party seller or sell it to the mobile retailer for an exchange. 

Signing off

Well, there you have it. These are some important rituals that you must perform before you sell old the android phone to a well-known buyer like Budli. Know more about how it works on our site.

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