What should you check before you buy refurbished mobiles?

what Should You Check Before Buying Second Hand Mobile Phones

Are you into traveling? Are you a vlogger or a passionate part-time photographer, or do you want to click pictures and videos like a pro without spending too much? Then, you should explore the option to buy refurbished mobiles.

Why buy refurbished mobiles?

Unboxing a new smartphone is thrilling, but it is a cost-prohibitive option for many middle-class Indian buyers. Hence, people lean towards used smartphones that have been refurbished. It is a cheaper way to get the power, performance, and looks of a decent phone but at a fraction of the cost of a new smartphone.

Why should you consider buying used smartphones?

Once dismissed as non-functional, these phones can help to make the environment green. The few dents and scratches do not outlive its performance. Hence, the recommerce leaders transform these old phones into refurbished devices that last long and perform as expected. 

Factors to consider before you buy a refurbished phone

Before buying a used smartphone, you must ponder over below checklist

1 – Check the warranty

A refurbished phone comes with a warranty. Therefore, you need to go for a refurbished phone rather than any pre-owned phone which may not have been checked for quality. It is important to insist on a refurbished Samsung or iPhone, because if any issue crops up later, the warranty will protect you. 

2 – Check the accessories before buying

You need to inspect the accessories before buying the used phone. A phone with faulty accessories, fake chargers, and a damaged batterycan lower the smartphone’s performance and not work optimally. If you find such devices, it is better to walk away and look for another one. Fortunately, refurbished phones check for vital parameters like battery health before they put it up for sale.

3 – Make a proper inspection

Do check the internals of the phone, like whether the smartphone is easily accepting the SIM Card? Try making calls to test the microphone quality of the phone. Test the battery by connecting it with the power bank. Touch its surface to see whether its display is working properly or not. Also, click a photo, to check its camera quality. 

4 – Read the documents carefully

Before buying the used phone, it is important to read the fine prints. The reading will reveal the faults that rendered the phone malfunctioned and how you can return the phone, the refund you can demand, the time for returning the device, and the warranty period if you are not satisfied with the device’s performance. 

5 – Refurbished mobiles sellers protect you from sham models

Today, the market thrives on the replica of high-end smartphones made with a mission to mint money without being empowered with features. Knowing this with a naked eye is tough. Hence it is better to protect your purchase by going for only refurbished iphones and iPads.

6 – Compare the prices

Though there is no thumb rule to determine the cost of used smartphones, they should be lower than brand new phones. Therefore, when you shop for such phones online or offline, check the quoted prices and compare them with the original price to assess if you are paying the right price. If these steps are verified, then it is smart to buy the refurbished smartphone of your choice.


Buying a used smartphone phone is better than buying a new phone with an expensive price tag. But a refurbished phone is way better than a used phone as it offers a reassurance of quality performance blended with a low price point. You can trust high-end refurbished retailers to help you to get started when you want to buy refurbished mobiles.

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