What makes Google Pixel different from other Android Smartphones

What makes Google Pixel different from other Android Smartphones

Google probably manufactures one of the best devices in terms of build quality and also incorporates the latest features in it. Artificial Intelligence is used for several features in Google Pixel in the form of Google Assistant and Google offers lots of features in both hardware and software. Today lets know what made Google Pixel standout different from other smartphones.

These are the few features make standout from other smartphones.

  • Fast data transfers.
  • 32 GB or 128 GB of storage.
  • Augmented reality stickers
  • front speakers
  • Google lens will identify the object or read labels and text and shows relevant search results and information when phones camera is directed on it.
  • Artificial Intelligence is the biggest change that we can see in Google Pixel which makes Google prides itself on the concept of Artificial Intelligence with software and hardware.

Unlimited Storage For Photos, Data

Google offers unlimited storage of all high-resolution images and videos for all the users. With this feature, there will be no need to use a memory card. Google Photos gives all the access to your photos and videos to desktop and on mobile devices.

Equipped With Google Allo, Google Duo

All the Google Pixel smartphones are preloaded with Google Allo (messaging) and Duo (video chat) apps.  Google offers some fun features like stickers and animation and includes an incognito mode with end-to-end encryption which makes sure that messages are not stored on Google servers.

Switching Between Phones

Google offers a Quick switch adapter which helps you to transfer all your photos, videos, music, iMessages (if you’re a recovering iPhone user), text messages, and more when you’re coming from another Android smartphone or iPhone. The feature is included in Pixel smartphones. When two smartphones are connected you just need to sign into your google account and can transfer what you’d like to.

Pure Unadulterated Android

All the Google Pixel smartphones run on Android Oreo 8 and higher. Nightlight setting helps reduce eye strain and transforms the screen from bright and a bluish light to a gentler yellow and Google Keyboard is integrated with GIFs.

24 Hour Tech Support

Google Pixel Tech Support is available 24/7 from Google by going to settings. We can share our screen to the support if an issue can’t be resolved easily.

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