Top 5 Call Recording Apps for Android Mobiles 2018

Top 5 Call Recording Apps for Android Mobiles 2018

There could be many occasions where you might have to want to record phone calls either for business or personal purposes. Recording phone calls on Android is very easy. All you have to do is just install a call recorder app on your smartphone, and whenever you make or receive a call, the app will automatically record your conversations and save it in your phone. There are plenty of call recorder apps in the Play store. There are two different types of call recording apps, one is using the VoIP and recording the calls in a server where the user can download the recorded voice on demand. The other type works as an automatic call recorder and uses the Android phone itself to record phone calls.

In this post, I’ll list out 5 most reliable call recording apps.

  1. Automatic Call Recorder:

This app lets you record the phone calls of your choice, as here we have an option to decide which calls to be recorder and which calls to be ignored. The most interesting feature of this call recorder is its integration with the cloud. You can record the phone calls and sync and save to DropBox or Google Drive. These call recordings are searchable by contact, phone number or associated note. You can even save memory by allocating a certain limit to the recordings.

  1. Call Recorder – ACR:

This call recorder app has some excellent features. This app allows the user to sort and organize the calls according to the date of the recording for easy accessibility. The pro version of the app allows integration to the cloud to sync your records. As the app saves the recordings in the phone, it deletes the old recordings to make place for the new ones. The recorded call displays the contact name and photo for easy identification.

  1. Call Recorder:

This is an automatic call recorder app which does not need any interaction to record the incoming and outgoing calls. There is a feature in this app where the user can sort and group the recorded calls with date, time and name. This app saves the recordings in MP3 format and also save them in the SD card to save space in the mobile.

  1. Automatic Call Recorder for Me:

This smart app comes with a very nice interface. The user has manual and automation recording options to record the calls. An amazing feature in it is that it automatically records all the calls which are not in your contacts by default. However, organizing the recorded calls in your contacts is possible manually. This app also lets you bookmark the recordings for future use.

  1. Automatic Call Recorder:

If you want to record all the incoming and outgoing calls without bothering to manually click something to record, then this app is perfect for you. This all automatically records everything for you to listen to it later. You can easily sync the recordings with that cloud, email and MMS. This app also lets you store the recordings in SD card to free up space in the phone.

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