Smartphones in 2018: Are Refurbished Smartphone Good or Bad?

Smartphones in 2018

The top-notch smartphone manufacturers are all set to blow your mind with their new flagships. All the upcoming flagships are an upgrade to their previous versions with all the first-rate qualities. Some of 2018’s upcoming flagships are: Apple iPhone 2018, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy X, OnePlus 6, Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, Moto G6, Sony Xperia XZ Pro, Nokia 9, LG G7, Xiaomi Mi 7, Huawei P20, Asus Zenfone 5, Vivo X20 Plus UD. Getting hands on all of these smartphones is what most people desire, but do you really want to spend your savings on these smartphones?

In this post, we’ll see if refurbished smartphones can be better than brand new ones.

The first question you might get is: what actually a refurbished device mean? It’s simple, a refurbished device is the one which was previously purchased by a customer but returned to the manufacturer within the given time period (mostly 15 to 30 days). The device might be returned due to many factors, the user might have lost interest in the device or the device might have some technical issue (rarely happens) etc. Sometimes the device is completely unused and sometimes it is used only for a few days (can still be considered new). If the device has any technical issues then the device is repaired and checked many times to ensure the perfect condition of the device.

When you take a look at all the upcoming flagships, they all have pretty new features to attract users. This has been happening for a long time, whenever a new device is launched everybody trend to adore it and end up purchasing it. This not only eats up all your savings but also make your old device sit in the corner of your desk. To avoid this and to help the environment, you can switch to purchasing a refurbished device. This not only reduces a smartphone from getting dumped but also comes at a cheaper price so you can have some savings left. It is like, “you pay only for what you get” i.e., you are getting a device which was unboxed so you pay accordingly. Any refurbished device you buy will definitely be priced lower than the new one, not drastically but slightly.

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