Sell Used Mobiles at a Value Based on These Factors

Determine Value Before You Sell Used Mobiles

The craze for upgrading smartphones is surreal among enthusiasts. And since a smartphone is termed outdated a few weeks after its release, it is common to see people waiting for the new, upgraded version every few months. 

But again, we all know that new smartphones can cost a fortune. So, the best way to transition to a new smartphone is by selling the old one at a reasonable price. 

Sell used mobiles after considering these factors

However, you need to know its value before you sell a used mobile. If you ask us, selling an old smartphone is a challenge, and the price you get for it will depend upon various factors, such as:

1- Condition and performance

One of the main factors that determine the resale estimation of your smartphone is the condition. 

Even if it is a second-hand phone, buyers don’t want to purchase one with broken glass, crooked charging port, non-functional hardware or tarnished edges. This means, if you want a good price on your smartphone, you need to maintain it properly, too. The notion here is to maintain the overall appearance of the phone. 

Similarly, performance plays a key role, too. Even if something isn’t working, ensure to get it fixed and let the purchaser know about the issue. 

Also, ensure that all the accessories are included for excellent resale value. 

2- Brand value

Besides the condition and performance, a brand of the smartphone helps in acquiring a better deal, too. 

In India, you can get better resale value for a brand like used iPhone or a second-hand Samsung in comparison to Micromax, Lava or Infinix because of brand value. 

However, it is believed that Apple has the most retaining value than any other type of smartphone available in the market. 

3- Pricing

Whenever you sell a second-hand product, always be realistic with your expectations. Don’t set the price too high, even if you have had the smartphone for just a few months.

No one really cares for how long your phone was used; once it acquires the second-hand tag, even charging 50% of the original cost is sometimes considered the maximum amount. 

So, it is best to consider the market resale value for your phone before putting it out for resale. 

When should you sell your smartphone?

Similar to any other electronic equipment, even tablets and smartphones lose their charm after a certain period of time. 

This is because new and improved models are launched every few months. They not only have better features and specifications but better hardware, too.

Similarly, once the market witnesses a new iteration of your old smartphone, its value degrades. It is believed that your smartphone can acquire 25% more resale value before another model arrives. Plus, people don’t really want to invest in antique pieces. 

So, the best time to sell your mobile phone should be with the first eight to twelve months. 

Signing off

We know that tech-savvy consumers are always attracted to modern and evolved technology. However, don’t let your enthusiasm for the new cost you a lot for the old one. Use our blog as a guide to sell your used smartphone for the best deal. 

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