How to Reuse Your Old Android Phone in an Effective Way?

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Everyone loves getting a shiny new phone or tablet but what do you do with the old ones? Are you just letting the old devices sit in a drawer and gather dust? If yes, I would like to tell you that all those abandoned devices can do a lot good than you could ever imagine. You just need to tap into its full potential and give it a whole new life. In this post, I’ll list a few ways in which you could reuse your old Android devices and get the most out of your buy.

  1. Wireless trackpad and controller for computer:

Setting the old device as a wireless trackpad and controller for your computer is made pretty easy by the app-“Unified Remote”. The installation of this app is as simple as downloading the app on your old device and downloading the companion software on your computer and then configure it and that’s it, you’re good to go. This wireless trackpad and controller will be compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux computer. You can do a ton of things once you’re connected to your computer wirelessly.

  1. Remote Computer Terminal:

Do you want to control your home computer while in office? Obliviously we would want to control devices even from miles away. You can use your old device to do this job, you just need to install Google’s free Chrome Remote Desktop program in the old device and its companion app in the device you wish to control and the job is done. You will have control over several connected devices right under your fingertips even if the devices are miles apart.

  1. Contribute to Scientific researchers:

Would you like to contribute to any scientific researches happening across the globe, then you just need to install an app called “boinc” and then choose the programme you would like to support and most importantly you need to keep your device powered on and connected to a Wi-Fi network. The scientists can conduct analysis using the processor power of your device. This could not only be helpful to you but also a lot of people around you.

  1. Advanced DSLR Kit:

Yes that is right, an advanced DSLR kit. You can just connect your old Android device to the DSLR instead of a field monitor which in turn saves a lot of bucks. Whats great about this is that you can control the shutter, autofocus and everything else from up to a dozen feet away without even touching the camera. This comes in handy for touch-sensitive shots and candid photography and also time lapses. After clicking the pictures you can also use the old device to do simple editing or just viewing the pictures in the field instantly.

  1. Security:

If you’re wondering how an old device can contribute in security then here it is, you can turn your old device into a secret cam and place it wherever you want to keep a watch, in your living room, bedroom, entrance anywhere. You can also keep an eye on your kids if they are up to some mischief. You can also use your device as a GPS tracking device, you would require to keep the Wi-Fi on and set it in such a way that it sends you e-mails about its location whenever it connects to a network.

If you’re wondering if this is the end of the list then you are wrong, there are many other ways in which your old Android device can help you like a music player, a health tracker, a video recorder and the list continues. But I would rather advise you to sell the old device and get some bucks to buy a new device. If you think that this is time consuming then you should definitely visit and experience the fastest way to upgrade form your old device to a brand new device. Budli is known to be the largest online trading site for all the electronic gadgets. It has a varied range of products to choose from and the cherry on the cake is that it provides very good discounts so that you don’t have to invest a lot of your money. Hurry and visit right away.

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