Redmi and Huawei are the leading brands for mid range smartphones in India?

Redmi and Huawei are the leading brands for mid range smartphones in India

Mid-range phones are the ones which get the most amount of sales due to the large population of students in India who are in search of a budget-oriented smartphone. Now that we have got the fact that mid-range products have high sales compared to the high-end devices, let us now see which companies hail the mid-range price segment in the Indian smartphone market.

According to a survey conducted by global market research firm Canalys, Huawei is leading in mid-range smartphone market with more than 23 million units sold in India this year. Thanks to the retail strategy of the fast-growing Chinese smartphone manufacturing companies – Oppo and Vivo, they stand on the 2nd and 3rd positions with over 21 million units and 16 million units being sold respectively. The 4th position is taken by the company which holds the record of the highest shipped smartphone of the year – Redmi Note 4 – Xiaomi. Xiaomi has sold over 15 million units so far.

The reason for these companies growing at such a rapid rate is the product itself. All these companies offer a wide range of specifications that deliver great performance and make the day to day activities happen smoothly. Also, the price plays a major role in these sales as well. Most of the devices sold by these companies mentioned above are mid-range products and that is what has worked for them.

Did you find Apple, Samsung or any other big companies in that list? No right? That’s because they are not present in the top list. If your question was which companies are the leading ones in India for mid-range devices, then here you go. You have your answer – Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi. What’s the brand of the smartphone that you are using? Let us know in the comments.

Mid-range phones are great for day to day usage and they are priced properly for the specs and performance that they deliver. But some of you might want an even cheaper device without compromising on the quality of the smartphone and the performance of course. Is it really possible?

Yes, it is. You can get these mid-range smartphones and even a couple of high-end smartphones for a price that you cannot believe to be true. Interesting right?

These devices are called as refurbished smartphones. If you are someone who does not know what these refurbished products are – refurbished products are those which are open boxed and are now resold after quality testing and fixing issues(if any). That’s the reason they come to a cheaper price.

NO! They are not second-hand phones. These refurbished products come with a warranty which is not seen in the case of the second-hand products.

“That’s alright! But where can I buy these refurbished products?” – If you might ask. You are already here.

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