Re-commerce Is The Next Best Thing In 2017

Re-commerce Is The Next Best Thing In 2017

What’s the next big trend in the technological India? We would say that it is re-commerce. E-commerce broke out a few years ago and is still moving forward in full swing. Now, it’s the re-commerce platforms that are following the trend. For those who do not know what re-commerce is about? How is re-commerce different from e-commerce? E-commerce is the solution to sell new products online, while re-commerce is the platform that sells used or refurbished products via the internet. This is the best explanation that I can come up with. But, if you want to know what Wikipedia says, here you go – “Recommerce or reverse commerce, refers to the recovery of products over electronic systems, such as the Internet, or through physical distribution channels.”

What do they mean by “recovery of products”? It is just as it sounds! Re-commerce portals help people sell their old products such as old phones, used laptops, etc. Once these products are refurbished they are sold again. The best part about re-commerce websites or services is that the products that we buy from them are in 100% working condition which is not guaranteed when we buy a used smartphone or laptop. Even though the product is as good as new they do not charge the same price as the MRP, the prices of these refurbished products are way cheaper than you can possibly think of. Re-commerce will become as popular as the e-commerce platforms very soon in the future as people start taking conscious decisions on where to spend their money and what are they getting from it.

People love to have good quality products which are also cost effective. That’s the main reason that re-commerce portals are gaining immense popularity in India. You are reading this blog post in one such re-commerce portal. Yes! is one of the leading marketplaces for re-commerce. Our customers love us, you can check out the testimonials to know what our happy customers are saying.

Thinking of selling your old phone? Or planning to buy one? Then you should check out now! We have a team of highly talented professionals who handle the products very carefully which are refurbished to fit the best of its purpose before they are put up for sale. Same is the case if you want to sell your old mobile to us. The process is very simple, click here to get the price for your device once you have filled in the details and we will come and collect the product right from your door step, no extra charges! Once, the product is checked and verified – your money will be credited to your account.

Simple right? That’s the reason re-commerce in India is the next big thing.

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