Leaks Suggesting That iPhone 11 Will Be Priced Low Than iPhone X

Leaks Suggesting That iPhone 11 Will Be Priced Low Than iPhone X

Apple iPhone X had made its mark in the mobile industry, be it through the face ID or its high cost. The Apple 2018 line up is not a well-kept secret as everyone is aware that the company is planning to launch 3 new devices this year. One being a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone that is intended to be a replacement for the 5.8-inch iPhone X, as well as a bigger version that is said to be named the iPhone X Plus with an OLED screen and a size of 6.5 inches. Here’s the catch, the reported replacement of iPhone X that is the iPhone 11 is going to be priced lower than iPhone X.

As we all are aware, the iPhone X has managed to get the maximum count of users. But we also know that iPhone X was not such a great hit with the users as it was supposed to achieve much more than it did. Now the strategy behind pricing iPhone 11 lower is to get the lost sales back and also to generate equal or even greater sales than iPhone X. This might raise the company’s profits and if the sales increase you could experience much lesser price.

The reports further add that the iPhone 11 is going to be priced 10% lesser than iPhone X. 10% might not seem like a huge discount but when multiplied with the whole production of the iPhone 11 it is sure to save a lot of money. All of this is assuming that Apple passes the iPhone 11 cost savings onto the end user, which may be a good business strategy but maybe not one that the company actually needs to take advantage of.

The sales of iPhone X were so exceptional that even if it didn’t reach the targeted goal, the company always knew that the customers were willing to pay a premium price for the latest Apple smartphone. Back in the past, the company has made a lot of profits by charging a premium amount for the devices they branded and it is as much status symbol as they are functional phones.

All of these reports are not very reliable though as these come from a source which is not said to give 100% accurate reports. Even after being aware of it, we all still hope that this leak becomes a reality soon. Apple has got a ton of more features to offer to its users. If you want to own an Apple product but are scared considering its pricing, then here is the best place to go – budli.in. Budli is the largest online store for refurbished electronic devices and is known to deliver the best in class gadgets form all top brands. Budli offers a wide range of products to choose from with amazing discounts. Do check budli.in to get a brand new device at a much cheaper price.

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