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Largest Used phones buyer in India

In this ever evolving world you buy a lot of things, one such thing is your smartphone. Every year new smartphones with advanced and better spec hit the market and most people tend to buy them to keep themselves up with the trend. Then what about the smartphone that you bought not more than a year ago? It is still in amazing condition and it is no use to you. Then why let it stay in the cupboard if you can make money by selling your old mobile.

No, I’m not going to recommend you any of those classified ads website where you can post an AD of your old mobile and hope to be purchased by someone. You need a better solution! And here it is –

Sell mobile phone with ease at We at buy used phones and give you the best possible price that your smartphone deserves. The best part about using our service is that we pick up your phone right from your door-step and we don’t charge for it. Yes, that’s right! We pick up your phones for free and give you the best possible price. is India’s first instant online ReCommerce (Reverse Commerce) portal which offers an instant price quote, secure selling option from the comfort of your home or office in a hassle free and risk free manner. In case the product is not listed, we offer a price quote via the Request a Quote page.

So open your drawer and put your mobile phones for sale now and make the most out of them. Don’t worry if your smartphone has a little issue with the volume rocker or if your power button is not functioning. Even in the cases like – screen of your device is broken – we still buy your smartphone. Of course, the price given to you for your mobile will obviously depend on it’s condition. The better the condition the more the money that you can get for it.

Not only selling your old cell phones, you can also buy smartphones from us. We at have the largest inventory of refurbished products in India, with products ranging from smartphones, tablets to laptops. Buy refurbished phones to get the best value for your money.

Our customers love us and so does the media. We have been featured in many popular online portals such as – Entrepreneur Magazine, INC42, BBC World News, Fortune India, iamwire, Business Wire India, etc.

This is what our customers say about our service:

I have only wonderful things to say about my experience with Budli. Every step was clockwork and on time,value provided was best and payment was swift to my account. Really appreciate your organisation. You have earned a lifetime customer of Budli.
By: Prabhu Jha, New Delhi

I had a great experience transacting with Budli. They team right from the first step to the last handled the process professionally. I would definitely recommend Budli to my friends.
By: Anupama Karamadai, Bangalore

Really satisfying experience in selling my first used product on The customer service has been quite good. I recommend this site to others too.
By: Abhishek Mathur, Gurgaon

Hurry now! Refurbished phones for sale only at – India’s Largest refurbished goods marketplace. Head-over to and grab your next best smartphone before they are a long gone.

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