Keeping your smartphone as tidy as new

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When the person buy a new smartphone, it often runs quickly for a just few months, and then the smartphone goes to slow down. But it turns out that it’s pretty easy for the person to keep their smartphone — either an iPhone or an Android device running like new. There are some ways to keep the phone as tidy as new.

1. Keep the software updated
The latest version of mobile phone’s operating system, either it is iOS or Android, often contains updates and bug fixes to make the phone run more smoothly and more quickly as the refurbished smartphone also runs very smooth.

2. Uninstall the apps that are not in use
Almost everyone has installed some apps that have outlived their utility — maybe an app for that airline that flew only once, the camera app that never could get the hang of, or a game that just wasn’t as entertaining as it got anticipated. To keep the phone as tidy as new make sure that there are useless app in the phone whether it is refurbished phone or the new one.

3. Clear the background tasks
While using the phone the person has to make sure that the unknown applications are not running in the background which takes much of the battery and the internet as it makes the phone goes hang very often.

4. Reduce up the animations
If the phone is slow to move from one task to another, the person should consider to turning off some of the animations that appear throughout the operating system. As it makes the phone very smoothly run and as tidy as new like the person get the refurbished smartphone.

5. Clean out the some storage from the phone

If the user uninstalled some unneeded apps but still are shortage on storage, delete the downloaded files that are just sitting around, or back up and remove the years’ worth of photos that the user have accumulated on their phone. Get rid of old message threads that hog storage. And on Android, the person has to make sure to clear the app cache occasionally to get rid of the data that apps save to streamline their operations this helps to get the more memory storage on the phone.

6. Reset the phone
When the phone is running slowly, it sometimes works to clean up unused apps or simply restart it. But other times, the user try everything else and their smartphone still isn’t performing. In that case, the user can take a more extremely step and complete a factory reset, which can often solve random problems with apps and eradicate problems that elude diagnosis. But user has to make sure that before reset the phone they backup all their important data.

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