Jio New Year Offer Brings Free Services Till 31st March 2017

Reliance Jio has brought home a digital move in India. People who never preferred mobile internet are now standing in lines just to get their hands on the Jio SIM cards. Now the company is back with another jaw-dropping offer and they call it – ‘Jio New year Offer’. making the Jio services free till 31st March 2017. This mobile network service which was officially launched in September of 2016 has now become one of the largest network providers in India. With an average of 6 lakh new customers per day, this company has managed to bring a lot of people into the digital world.

But people know that the calling service in Jio is not as good as their data services. The company Chairperson Mukesh Ambani says that the other network providers in India are to be blamed for this issue. He also says they are not being healthy competitors. The points of interconnections were not provided by the other major telecom companies in India resulting in call drops, says Ambani. Over 900 crore calls made to and fro Jio equipped mobile phones were dropped according to the latest report.

But the Indian customers were very happy with their services that they stuck with them. Reliance Jio has an active customer base of 52 million. Mukesh Ambani also took a moment during his announcements at the event to thank all the 60,000 jio employees and 5 lakh retail and technology partners for making the company at what it is today.

All the New customers of Jio after December 4th will be signed up for the Happy New Year offer directly and the existing customers will be automatically signed up to the Jio Happy New Year Offer after December 31st, 2016.

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