iPad Pro Latest News & Update: Apple to Unveil 10.5-inch Tablet at April Event after all

Apple is predicted to unravel new iPad pro in April although there have been considerations on what variants are going to be seen. The 10.5-inch iPad pro, the suggested purchase for shoppers, was at first believed to be released at a later date because of the assembly schedule. It appears that things have been modified now.

Though most of it were predictions, Digitimes reports that production for the 10.5-inch iPad pro has been bumped up its production schedule and will possibly be shown along with the 9.7-inch iPad pro in April in any case.

If so, this authenticates the version created by analytics firm Firksu which claimed in their previous post that there are going to be four variants at the Apple April event. The fourth one is believed to be the smaller 7.9-inch iPad pro variant that most believe would replace the exit-bound iPad mini 4.

As long as the Apple 10.5-inch iPad pro is considered, the word out is that it might be similar in size to the present 9.7-inch iPad. This new version of iPad might gain a meager 0.8-inches within the diagonal screen with Apple reportedly doing away with the left and right bezels, nine to five mac reported .

If the 10.5-inch iPad pro can set out with fewer bezels, rumors related to a potential edge-to-edge display just might be likewise taking form. This is a similar screen display that the forthcoming iPhone 8 might reportedly carry.

Looking ahead, it can be attention-grabbing if Apple will have an ample supply of the 10.5-inch iPad pro variant. Seen as the suggested recommendation , demand for this iPad pro variant is predicted to be high since it’s technically one for private and business use.

Only 1 million 10.5-inch iPad’s can reportedly be manufactured per month, little numbers compared to the 9.7-inch iPad which has a production rate at three million per month. The 12.9-inch variant, designed for business and industrial use, might be available at a later date with production beginning in either May or June.

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