Introducing BELA, Budli’s Customer Support Now in Your WhatsApp.

Introducing BELA, Budli's Customer Support Now in Your WhatsApp

We have a new member in the Budli family and we are thrilled to introduce her to you! Meet BELA! The Budli Electronic Assistant. Now you can get answers to your questions right from your favourite messaging platform – WhatsApp. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? BELA can help you out with all the questions you have related to Budli’s services, right from how to sell your product, how much pricing you will get for it, when will the executive from our side come for the pick up of the product, and many more questions like that. Also, you can get solutions to your questions on post-sales or in-transit too. Now, let’s quickly jump into WhatsApp and see how it works.

Steps for using BELA on your WhatsApp

  1. Open your contacts and add +91 9620820211, give it BELA and save the number.
  2. Now, open WhatsApp and search for BELA.
  3. Open the chat and type “Hi”
  4. BELA will respond and you can take it from there.

Once you say “Hi” BELA will respond with a message which reads –

Hi, I’m BELA, the Budli ELectronic Assistant! How can I help you?

1 – Sell Your Used Gadget
2 – Buy Refurbished Gadget
3 – Business Inquiry

Please enter 1 or 2 or 3

You can reset the conversation at any point by typing “Hi”

Pretty easy right? BELA is Budli’s effort to make customer interaction much more fun and easy. Have a look at the image below, which shows how BELA interacts with the users and provides all the necessary information asked by the user.


As you can see, BELA also has its own sense of humor too. We are sure that you will enjoy using BELA. Please share your feedback to us on BELA by writing a mail or messaging on Facebook. We will be waiting for your feedback.

For all those who haven’t used Budli’s services yet, let me give you a brief overview. Budli is the leading marketplace for refurbished products in India. We have a huge range of products ranging from smartphones, tablets to laptops. Our customers love us and always love coming back to us. Try now and try to sell or buy a product of your choice. We provide doorstep pick and delivery for all our customers. The price that you will be getting if you wish to sell a product to us is quoted by a automated system with no human intervention, this ensures that we provide the best price to all our customers.

Budli as a company, we are always committed to customer satisfaction and ease of use. That is why we keep constantly innovating new solutions (Ex: BELA) based on our customer feedback.

What more can you ask for? Head over to and grab your next best smartphone or laptop now! One thing is for sure, at budli the products sell like hot cakes, so act now or regret later! See you at


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