How To Use an Old Phone as a Security Camera

How To Use an Old Phone as a Security Camera

In today’s fast changing world we have new innovations coming up everyday. This is no exception to smartphones, there are some amazing smartphones that come into the market every year. The features that these smartphones offer often make our one year old smartphone look out dated. Once you get that feeling, you tend to buy that new smartphone and put the old ones in the drawer.

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Now, if you are too attached with your old smartphone and do not want to sell it or give it out to someone else – then you can use your old phone as a security camera.

You might ask – why as a security camera and why not just as a music machine or anything else? Well, you can do all that with your new smartphone too, then why do you need the old one to listen to music or watch videos. The best use of your old smartphone is to use it as a security camera. This will increase your house security with no extra cost. Besides, it is good to have an eye always open.

How To Use an Old Phone as a Security Camera

I have split the method into four simple steps. Follow them at your own phase to get your security camera up and running.

Step 1: Choose the right security camera app

There are a lot of security camera apps present in the Play Store. Most of them do a fine job of local streaming, cloud streaming, recording and storing footage locally or remotely, and motion detection and alerts. Well, I have cut down the work for you in choosing the best one.

The app that we recommend is IP Webcam. There are two versions of it – a lite version which is free and a pro version which cost $3.99. The free version works just fine, so we are going to use it.

IP Webcam broadcasts locally and also uses cloud streaming to provide remote viewing experience from any where. IP Webcam uses a service called Ivideon for the cloud streaming purpose.

Step 2: Setting up the security camera app

After installing the app, set your video preferences, effects, power management settings, and motion or sound detecting, if desired. Also, if you want to use the cloud streaming service then you have to signup and login to Ivideon. To start the stream select the Start server option which is present at the bottom of the app.

To watch the live stream –  Find the provided IP address and port number on the phone setup as a security camera. From another device (computer, smartphone, or tablet), enter the IP address in the address bar of the Web browser. If you setup an Ivideon cloud stream, from a computer, visit and sign in.

Step 3: Choose a spot to position your camera

Since this camera does not have a moving neck you need to find a place that can cover up the maximum required area. Usually the high places in the room are prefered to place the security camera smartphone.

Step 4: Mounting the old phone in position

Use any support that you can find in the home – try to blend in the phone naturally. Or you can use a tripod to mount the device.

Remember to add a always-on power supply to your smartphones as the charging might go down fast due the continues live streaming of video.

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