How to pick the perfect case to protect your Device

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First off, smartphone cases are just an additional accessory and are not mandatory for your smartphones protection. You might be wondering what the hell is this guy talking about! But it’s true. Most of the smartphones that are manufactured in the modern days come with well-equipped protection, such as gorilla glass for the display and aluminum finish outer shells. But since you made a choice to have a case for your smartphone let me break it you how you can pick the perfect case for your mobile.

There are a couple of factors to be considered when we are talking about the cases and all of them are listed below. Have a read and then choose wisely.

 1. What for?

The purpose of the case! People like to have a case for various reasons, maybe they are bored of their phone’s look and want to change it or maybe they want to add an additional layer of protection to their smartphones as they have wet hands or maybe something else. So decide on why you want the case and then go from there.

2. A note on price

Set your budget straight, how much are you willing to spend on the case and then search accordingly. It’s completely alright if you have a low budget for your smartphone case as most people have. But you can still get amazing cases for your device without any problem.


This is what we are here for! Check the features of the case first, by features I mean – whether the case is made of rubber or plastic, whether it has a flap to protect the screen or is it just a back covering case, whether it has a stand on the back or is it flat, whether you have the right design that you wanted or not. Consider all just factors and then go for that one perfect case.

4. The add-on’s

Some case manufacturers are coming up with unique ways to get their products sold in the market and one such way is to give out additional accessories to the customer like the screen protector or a cleaning kit. So always look for those additional benefits that you might miss out on.


If your just looking for ways to change the look of your phone and the purpose is not to add any protection to your mobile then I recommend having a look at the phone skins that are coming up in the market. They are light weight and have a great look to them.

Consider all these factors stated above and then go for that one perfect case for your smartphone. If you are looking for ways to protect your smartphone just because you dropped it once and it has a crack on it or is malfunctioning then we suggest you check out our website We at are one of the largest refurbished marketplaces in India. We provide drop step pick up of your old smartphone and then you can use our refurbished smartphones inventory to browse through the list of smartphone and grab your next device for a relatively lower price than the market price.

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