How to Get the Best Price When You Sell Your Old Mobile?

How to get the best price for your old mobile

When you set out to sell your old mobile, you might obviously look for the best price for it. But do you know how to get it? Well, this blog outlines the best way to get maximum bucks for your old phone.

Sell old mobile to refurbished phone market platforms

Many platforms readily accept the old phones provided they are in working condition. All you need to do is upload the picture of your old phone and mention the phone’s nice description, including the model making, the battery life, and other salient features.

Don’t upload the picture from the internet. Be honest, and definitely, you will get in contact with some genuine customers who will be readily willing to take your product. Don’t get irked if the buyers ask for the product for low prices. Have patience and wait for a good deal. 

Before selling the mobile phone ensure that you do the below –

1. Repair the device

Before selling the phone in the marketplace, ensure that you repair it so that your device works optimally and you can get the best value for the product. Buyers like Budli certify pre-owned gadgets and pass it through a strict 25-point checklist. They can certainly be good buyers for your Samsung, Apple, or Xiaomi smartphones.  

2. Check the price of used mobile phones

 Before announcing the sale, check the price of the product by comparing it online. It is the most convenient way to estimate the mobile price. Enter the brand details and select the age and condition of the phone. In this way, you can easily calculate the real value of your mobile phone.

3. Understand factors that determine the sale of your phone

Certain factors determine the value of your phone. The first one among them is age; it is important because no one wants to buy an outdated phone. The logic is applicable when you sell the phones too. The value might get reduced if you have an old model.

4. Phone should have no damage

The phone should not be damaged. Minor damage or dents can be repaired before selling. However, its value diminishes. 

5. Is battery Life good?

The battery life of the phone also helps in selling your phone at a high price. The phones with a higher battery life will help you get the expected rates for your old mobile phone. All these factors will help you to get the best deal.


Fair pricing is a huge challenge when you are selling the old used phone, and a lack of confidence in your product may obstruct you from getting a good deal. It is where a good refurbished phone website like Budli comes in. 

The company can help you to get fair deals, independent of hours of thinking. Complete transparency is guaranteed, and thus you can get what you desire. 

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