How to do Banking Safely on Smartphone

How to do Banking Safely on Smartphone

The world is going mobile and with that came the great revolution of internet banking. Well, many of you fear to perform an online transaction due to the fear of theft of data(card details) and intern your money. We have listed out a few important points that will help you perform safe and secure online bank transactions.

1. Always Stay Updated

We do banking from our mobile using an application for the transaction purpose. The main mistake that most people tend to make is that they do not keep track of the updates to that app. There are new security flaws found in every app once in a while and the developers or the company patches the flaw and releases an update. It is very important to keep your app up to date in order to stay safe from all the latest vulnerabilities. Also, just make sure you’re downloading your bank’s official app by getting it straight from your bank’s Web site instead of an app store.

2. Have a Strong Password

This is more of a general tip but is one of the most important ones. The most infallible passwords should have eight or more characters and include a combination of numbers, letters, punctuation marks and symbols that are located all over the keyboard. The complex the password is the stronger it is, and the stronger the password is, the better it is. You should password-protect your smartphone, too – Just as an additional layer of security.

3. Bank on Secure Internet Connection Only

The means of a transaction is over the internet – so, it is important that it happens in a secure medium. To ensure the same, do not perform banking activities when on a public network or public WiFi. This is because the devices that are connected to such a network have a high risk of data theft also don’t text sensitive information to your bank. Most smartphones connect to the Internet using either a wireless Internet connection or a mobile provider network, which is the most secure option.

4. Be Prepared to Clear Your Data

Wish for the best and prepare for the worst they say. Following the same, you should have a remote wipe app installed in your device which will be handy in case you lose your mobile to reset your phone to its original factory setting which means that all your contacts, emails and banking information will be cleared from the phones memory. There are a variety of data wipe apps, including the Mobile Defense app for Android smartphones.

For processing a secure bank transaction you need a secure smartphone. Which means that the device should be in good working condition and should be updated with the latest security patches. Don’t worry if you don’t have one which suits all the requirements. You can get one that does for a price that you cannot believe. These smartphones are not new ones but are as good as new devices. These are called as refurbished smartphones. Sell old mobile and buy a refurbished mobile of your choice to enjoy hassle free banking via your smartphone.

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