How to Check What Google Knows About You

Google is the one and only source for all the answers for most of the people. This literally holds true even when it comes to matters like personal information of a user. Yes, you read it right! Google holds onto some information that you provide deliberately or carelessly. Google knows everything from the places you visit, your interests to your age and gender, even without you directly giving any information. Google does this only to make your browsing experience better. If you take interest in Google’s privacy policy, you would realise that Google makes it clear to all its users that it is going to collect this data.

In this post, I’ll tell you how to see what Google knows about you. So keep reading.

  1. Ad topics which Google think you are interested in:

The first thing you should do is log into your Google Account. The only thing left to do is, go to this link ( You will then be directed to a page which shows all the topics which you keep an interest, this list is generated through study over your browsing data. You will also find information about your gender and age. You have the freedom to edit the list created.

  1. The places google knows you have been:

Google knows every place you have been through the help of GPS. Google’s Location History page is capable of showing all the places you’ve been, in addition to your home and work, which you may have saved in Google Maps. Even this information can be edited if you please to make your browsing experience more or less accurate.

  1. Your Google activity:

As you all are aware by now that Google is going to track everywhere you go in the vital world. To check your activities you just have to go to Google’s My Activity page, where you will find every single thing you did.

  1. Your YouTube Activity:

YouTube is most used Google service and the information Google knows about your youtube activity can easily be monitored by clicking on the youtube search tab and youtube watch history tab. This will show all the videos you watched and will also show related searches.

You can limit everything which is mentioned above by just toggling off all the contents on the My Activity page so that Google can no longer track anything you do online. As stated earlier, all the information Google collects is only to ensure that your browsing experience is improved and customised. If you want your basic information also to be private, you can do that.

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