How Long Should A Good Smartphone Last You?

Long lasting smartphone

People generally stock up their old smartphones and look for flagship smartphones from the manufacturer of their choice every time it launches a new one. This definitely holds true for the users of companies like Apple, Samsung, Google and a few others. Every user wants the latest and the most advanced smartphone at the time of purchase, few could go around and buy another smartphone in just a couple of months but for most this is not possible. For a majority of users it’s a onetime investment, so they would decide over a smartphone that could last them for a decent period of time.

In this post, let us discover the factors that affect the durability of a smartphone.

  1. Specs and Build Quality:

The specifications and the build quality are sure to determine the lifespan of your smartphone. Having a smartphone which is waterproof is pretty important these days and almost all the latest flagship mobiles are claimed to be waterproof. A smartphone with the latest processor is definitely going to be much faster and more durable as well. If it also has the latest graphics card then you would rather feel much less insecure when a new model comes out because they both would relatively perform in the same way. When it comes to the built quality, you need a device which is resistive to falls from a height and scratches and most importantly you need it to feel good in the hand.

  1. Design:

The design is one of the most important factors in deciding the durability of a smartphone. If you have a slim smartphone which is more prone to slipping from your hand then you would have to replace it real soon. In order to increase its lifespan, it needs to have a perfect design with good grip and comfortable to hold in a hand.

  1. Display:

The first defect you find when you drop your smartphone is in the display, so it plays a major role here. You need the latest display to experience the brightest picture quality and also to be safe even if there is some mishap to happen.

  1. Battery:

Having a smartphone with a good battery is quite as important as its design. Nowadays we find fast chargers which take the load of charging the device on itself but do you know that it can really damage your smartphone. A better option is to find a device with a better battery capacity which will require being charged less often. Thereby improving the lifespan of the device.

  1. Software:

Having the latest software installed on your smartphone is really important to keep the device secure from unauthorised access and from dangerous malware attacks. It also reduces the risk of developing bugs which in turn, makes the device faster and last longer.

Considering all the factors and the features and specifications of the latest smartphones, I can say that a new flagship smartphone will last for a minimum of 4 years and the maximum would solely depend on the usage of the device. If you wish to buy a new smartphone or sell the old one you should visit, which is the largest destination for refurbished electronic gadgets. Budli provides a vast spread of refurbished devices to choose from. It also offers great discounts and deals which you could barely resist. Hurry and find a smartphone of your choice at

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