Google Lens in all Android Devices: Everything You Need To Know

Google Lens in all Android devices

Do you remember that feature in Google Pixel 2 which can identify and recognize many things including statues, landmarks, objects etc.? Yes, it is the google lens feature and to make this feature reach most of the Android users, the company has planned to make Lens available through Google Photos. Until yesterday the Lens feature was only bounded to the Google Pixel 2 series, in this the option was present in the Google Photos and Google Assistant. I am not sure when Lens will be available through Google Assistant as it is not clear when Assistant is going to support the lens.

A user can enjoy the fruits of this feature in a smartphone by simply pointing the camera at any object or any famous landmark, a painting etc. This will give the user a display of all the details about it including its name, geographical location, opening timings of a place, direction and all the related information.

Here is a list of things Lens can identify: Artwork, Barcodes, Books, Buildings, Landmarks, Media covers, Movies, Music albums, Paintings, Places, Points of Interest, Statues, Video games. It can further add contacts from a business card, can be used for language translation, look up for product information, open web addresses in your browser. It can identify plants and animals and also save dates to your calendar just from a poster.

The users can go to the Google Photos app and select the lens icon displayed below every photo the user has taken. Then the picture is scanned and relevant results are displayed. It might not be as precise as it should be in exceptional cases but in most of the cases, the displayed result is absolutely right.

This feature completely relies on machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify the objects and surroundings. It might not be available to all the Android devices at once as it is being released in batches, this might make some users wait a bit more. The company has also planned to extend the feature to the iOS users but the date is not yet confirmed.

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