Google Assistant Starts Rolling Out New Visual Experience, Fast Forward, Rewind Voice Controls for All; Google Updates Sign-In Page

Google Assistant Starts Rolling Out New Visual Experience, Fast Forward, Rewind Voice Controls for All; Google Updates Sign-In Page

Google Assistant is now updated and has a new visual experience which provides any data based on the time of the day, recent interactions and location. This time the display is proactive rather than the robotic voice, even this feature is going to get a major update in the near future. After activating your Google Assistant you can easily see the relevant updates every time you click the icon on the top right corner of your device. The iOS running devices have a little change though, all the personal updates will be visible the moment you open the Google Assistant app.

Cards were one of the important things about Google Now in the past and similarly Google Assistant was also providing the latest data. But with the latest update, Google will now show useful information on the top of less needy updates. For example, when you search for a particular street, you will find a display with the time details and as you scroll down it will provide you with an agenda, remainders, and reservations and so on.

The Google Assistant page that shows the updated visuals include updated information based on your requirements. This is done by using the Artificial Intelligence to create the visuals. Another key feature is that you can directly open apps like Google Maps or make a phone call or even send a text message to a particular contact. Google also has plans to expand by adding a feature to overview your notes and lists from Google Keep,, Bring!, Todoist, and others. Another interesting feature which would come up is to help you with your activities nearby, remainders on where you parked your vehicle and customized music playlists etc.

All the visual experience is designed to send interactive notifications to remind you of important events such as upcoming bills, packages and flight updates. To receive push notifications you are required to turn on the notification alert for Google Assistant. This new visual update is all set to give a tough competition for Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri in the future.

Along with the visual update, Google Assistant has expanded fast forward and rewind voice controls to all the compatible devices. With this change, you can now fast forward and rewind music on any device. You just have to say “hey/OK Google, fast forward 10 seconds” and boom it fast forwards your audio clip. It is also reported that these voice controls work with Android, Android TV, Chromebooks, and Android Auto but as of now it does not work with YouTube music.

Another change made by Google, which might not make much difference though is a new sign-in page that centre aligns all the text. The email or phone box and the Google logo is centre aligned.  The Google logo has also been tweaked a bit to match the new design uplift.

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