Does your iPhone get Overheated Frequently? Here’s How to Fix it

Overheating iPhone

Overheating is quite a common issue that phone users face with their devices. Moreover, this issue is common across all devices, regardless of the brand. So, you might often witness this issue on your iPhone as well. 

Now, there are some common causes associated with overheating in mobile devices. Also, there are simple yet effective solutions for pretty much all of them. You need not have any expert skills to apply them to your device. Here, we have a list of common causes behind this problem and their fixes. 

Overheated iPhone: Causes and Solutions

Various aspects of your iPhone and how you use it may cause it to overheat. So, it might take a while for you to find the cause and fix the problem. Now, that’s quite inconvenient if you need a quick solution. Thus, you must reach out to a professional in such cases. 

Here are some of the common causes behind overheating in your iPhone and their solutions:

1.   Temporary errors

Your iPhone may face a wide range of temporary errors. As a result, it might face various performance issues. In many cases, they can cause overheating in your device as well. Now, you might want to start with the simplest solution. So, you must try restarting your iPhone and see if that does the trick. 

Rebooting your device is often effective in solving many issues. However, it probably won’t offer you a long-term solution. In case it doesn’t work at all, try out the next methods listed below. 

2.   The cover is poorly ventilated

Most users probably use various types of covers with their phones. After all, it protects their device from damage. But, these covers often don’t feature enough ventilation for providing proper airflow to your device. As a result, your iPhone might get overheated quite often. 

So, make sure that your cover features optimal ventilation to your device. In case it doesn’t, you might want to replace it. After all, your device might keep facing the issue otherwise. Thus, your iPhone’s performance should improve considerably after replacing its cover with a better ventilated one. 

3.   You’ve placed it in a warm environment

This is quite a common cause associated with overheating in iPhones. Your device is bound to heat up when it comes in direct contact with heat. Especially so if it stays that way for quite a long time. Now, this might not cause any significant damage to your device. But, it will cause performance issues due to overheating after all. 

So, you must always keep it in an environment that’s fairly cool. Many users often unknowingly make the mistake of placing their iPhones in warm environments. By avoiding that, you can keep your device cool for a longer period. Even though overheating isn’t unnatural, following this step would make it less frequent. 

4.   Too many cache files 

Cache files are stored in your device for temporary purposes only. Regardless, they often take up a significant amount of storage space. As a result, they indirectly cause overheating in your device. Also, this is one of the most common causes behind this issue. So, you might want to find and remove your cache files. 

Now, you probably have many apps on your iPhone. Most of them, especially browsers, use cache files to store certain temporary data. So, you must try removing their cache and see if that does the trick. 

And, for that, you must go to the General tab in your Settings. Then, open the iPhone Storage to bring up the list of apps on your device. You can select each app and delete their caches individually. 

5.   You’re using your device while charging

This is yet another common cause behind overheating in phones across all brands. Many users often use their devices while charging. In case you didn’t know, that can cause your iPhone to heat up excessively. So, you must leave your phone alone when it’s charging. In case you need to use it, you must disconnect it from the charger first. 

It’s normal for your device to heat a bit while charging. But, when you run it, it gains even more heat. As a result, it overheats your phone. Also, this is quite harmful to the battery’s health, according to experts. 

6.   Your device has a virus

iOS devices’ general feature includes advanced security measures to protect your data. But, that might not always succeed in stopping viruses and malware from reaching your iPhone. As it happens, you might often unknowingly download malware on your device. In that case, you’ll face a wide range of performance issues on your phone.  

Now, overheating is a common sign of virus infestation in mobile devices. So, you must scan your iPhone using a good antivirus program. As you might know, virus attacks are rising steadily with time. Thus, you must ensure that your device has the optimal protection against them. 

7.   Troublesome apps

You probably have many third-party apps on your iPhone. In that case, some of them might cause various issues with your device. And, this includes overheating apart from other problems. But, you can easily identify such applications on your phone. Usually, they face frequent crashes when you try to run them. 

Have you installed an app that your phone can’t run properly? In that case, it might be the culprit behind frequent overheating on your phone. So, you must remove it from your device to resolve the problem. This solution is quite effective if you’ve correctly identified what causes the issue. 

8.   You’re running too many programs at once

Your iPhone might provide you with a powerful performance. But, it can run only a limited number of tasks at a given time. After all, it doesn’t come with unlimited resources for handling all of them. Now, you might often open too many applications on your phone at the same time. And, as it happens, in such cases, that will overwork your phone. 

So, your device will generate excessive heat as a result. To fix this issue, you must close as many programs as you can. Moreover, if possible, you should close all of them to let your iPhone cool down. 

9.   Your device has an outdated system

In some cases, your device might not have any of the above-mentioned issues. Yet, it might overheat quite often when you use it. In such cases, you might find it difficult to determine what causes this problem. Now, many users have reported that they face this issue on their iPhones due to an outdated system. Also, updating their devices had provided them with an effective solution. 

So, you must try doing the same and see if that does the trick. Also, you probably have many pre-installed apps on your device. You must make sure to keep them up-to-date as well. This might often provide you with an effective and long-term solution. 


The aforementioned issues cause overheating on your iPhone most commonly. The solutions mentioned for each of them should help you resolve the issue. But, you might fail to fix the problem in some cases. Also, your iPhone might overheat despite having none of the tech glitches. So, in both these cases, you must immediately reach out to an expert for a solution. 

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