Difference between New vs Used vs Refurbished Phone

New vs used vs refurbished phone – whats the difference

Since the latest flagship phones are costing around Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 80,000, you’re also looking for ways to save money on purchasing the flagship phones. The best choice you have is to purchase either a used phone or a refurbished phone.

By opting to buy used or refurbished phones, you’re not only saving some money, but are also doing your job of protecting the environment.

You have a basic understanding of new and used phones. But understanding a refurbished phone is a trickier part. Therefore, we have written this article.

If we have piqued your curiosity and want to know more about the differences between new, used or refurbished phones, stay tuned and read till the end of this article.

What are new phones?

A manufacturer sells the brand new phone in the original sealed phone box. It is a brand-new device that goes straight from the machines of the manufacturer to your hands.

Though retailers or distributors sell it, no one opens the box except the first owner. It comes with a manufacturer warranty and has all the accessories of the phone.

These brand-new devices retail at higher prices, and over time the prices reduce. You would be the first owner of the phone, and can customize it as per your needs.

What are used phones?

Used phones are phones that you purchase from a previous owner who is not the manufacturer. Buyers can buy used phones from the first, second or third owner of the phone.

The used phones are sold through ecommerce websites or sold among friends and family. Since some people have used the phone, it has some scratches or minor dents.

The previous owners may have thoroughly used the phone to its fullest. This may impact its battery life and performance.

Depending on the time after which you buys the second hand phone, you may get it for a fraction of the cost.

What are refurbished phones?

Refurbished phones are completely different from new and used phones. They stand on the common ground between new and used phones. They are new in some sorts of ways, whereas they were also previously used by some owners.

Previous owners may have used it and trade it for newer models. Reputed sites like Budli buy the old phones . They will carry out a strict quality check to ensure that the phone is ready for sale as a refurbished device

The manufacturer will then repair the problem, check the batteries, and give a new warranty to the phone. They bring these phones back into the market and sell to new customers at reduced prices.

It is important to buy such phones from genuine sellers.

Wrapping up

This was a basic difference between new, used and refurbished phones. Since it is a cost-effective option, smart buyers opt for refurbished phones like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, or Motorola from well-known sellers like Budli. Our proven work process ensures a terrific purchase experience for you,

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