Can I really get a working second hand laptop within 10000 in 2022!?

Used Laptops Within 10k

Yes you can! While most refurbished laptops cost upward of Rs.15000/-, you can get used laptops within 10000 from

While some of these laptops could have some minor issues like older specifications, poor battery life, minor screen blemish or dent/crack on body, in most cases these can easily be used for most day to day tasks like web browsing, video calls, office work, etc. To get the most out of these laptops, you can also consider upgrading the RAM or changing the hard disk to SSD for faster speeds. These will ensure that these old laptops will serve you well for the next few years.

So if you are looking for a cheap laptop on a tight budget, do consider these second hand laptops from reputed brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo at rock bottom prices.

Please visit:

If you have used devices to sell, you can go ahead and sell these at

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