Buying a Refurbished iPhone? See How Long They Last

how long does refurbished iphone last

As an upmarket device, the iPhone is ubiquitous with luxury and affluence. No wonder that smartphone owners consider an iPhone a device worthy of holding in their hands.

If they get the same functionality and features at a fraction of the cost, then it turns out to be a blockbuster deal for the customer.

This is the exact USP offered by a refurbished iPhone.

Such an iPhone has been restored to improve its looks and functionality. The biggest plus point is the massive price slash it retails at, as compared to brand new iPhones.

But one question that many interested buyers have is this – “Just how long will a refurbished iPhone last?”

Let’s find out the answer!

The problem with a second-hand iPhone that isn’t refurbished

If you had a choice to buy a non-refurbished and a refurbished pre-owned smartphone, then you have only one logical route to take – go with a refurbished phone. The reason behind this is not difficult to comprehend. Non-refurbished phone have not been checked for its proper functioning. So it might happen that your battery might conk off merely after a week of buying it from a shady second phone store.

As compared to this bleak scenario, a refurbished phone undergoes meticulous testing. Technicians checks for the proper working of core components like hardware, battery, and software. Hence, you would want to invest in an iPhone checked by a quality team and built to last.

So, if you want a cheap iPhone then don’t go for complete rubbish. Such a phone will not last long. It will prove to be an extremely expensive deal, even if the purchase price was too low. You need a refurbished phone that has been checked by capable technicians. Their comprehensive checking results in a second-hand iPhone for sale that will last long.

So how long do refurbished iPhones last?

The previous life of the iPhone depicts how long will the refurbishing efforts last. For an iPhone that is less than 4 years old, you can expect to get a life of 2 to 3 years. Only after 2 to 3 years will you start seeing a tangible drop in system performance.

As it is, even a brand new iPhone will slow down considerably after around 6 years. Its performance lifespan depends a lot on how long do you use it in a day and what kind of apps do you use in it.

So, make sure that you don’t fall for ‘cheap deals’ advertised by dishonest sellers. If you are going for a second-hand iPhone online, then it is better to go with quality. And refurbished phone sellers can provide assure quality checks conducted on the used iPhones for sale.

To sign off

Some sellers may not offer a warranty or refurbishing certification on their second-hand iPhones for sale online. Stay far away from them. Buy a used iPhone online only from trusted seller. He will assure you of a superb purchase experience with his meticulous QA checks on the refurbished iPhone.

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