Buying a New Smartphone? Here Are a Few Things To Consider

Buying a New Smartphone - Here Are a Few Things To Consider

A smartphone is the one that our day starts and ends with. It has become the most basic and yet a very important device in our day to day life. If you are thinking of buying a new smartphone then here are a few things that need a closer look.

Firstly, I would like to tell you that the features in this list are basic and most important ones. We use our smartphone for various purposes depending up to personal preference and requirements. So, I ultimately go down by personal preference.

 1. Build Quality: Look and Feel of the device

The first impression is the best impression. Even before using the actual device we consider looking at its exterior and that is its built quality. The built quality of the device plays a major role in having a long life for the device. A device which is made of cheap plastic does not stand a chance against a smartphone made out of premium grade aluminium.

So make sure that the phone has a good shape and the material used is long lasting and durable. The handset should not be very smooth and slippery when holding in your hands. The phones that provide a good hand grip to the users are always the best – especially for students.

2. Battery: The Bigger the better

The smartphone screen-on time has a major impact on user experience when using that device. Smartphones with low screen-on time is not good at all as most people tend to use smartphones a lot of time in their daily works and it requires to give a long lasting battery. The latest technology built quick charge smartphones are the best if battery is the major concern for you.

3. Camera: Fix the Frame

Camera is something that we use on a regular basis. Not only professional photographer but normal people also love to capture the moments of their life and store it. So, a good quality camera is also a primary requirement to make a good smartphone.

What makes a good camera? The lens used, the megapixel count and also the availability of Optical Image Stabilization, etc.

4. Audio I/P and O/P: Let the music roll

Music is also something people enjoy listening. So a device which supports the media formats and has a good quality speaker port is always the one which ends up being picked by most people. The speaker plays a major role not only when you want to listen to music but also when you want to put the call on speaker phone or make a group video call with your family members.

So, that was our list on the must see features before buying a smartphone. If you are looking to buy mobile phone online then you might want to consider the refurbished smartphones. No, refurbished phones are not just used smartphones. Wouldn’t they just be called as used smartphone if they were so? They are re-furbished to meet the purpose of the customers and are often in full working condition. Why should you choose them? Well, they are cheaper, high is quality and they come with a warranty.

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