Best Travelling Guide Apps You Will EVER Find

Travelling for some is a way to escape from their daily routine and for some, it may just be an official trip. Whatever be the reason for your travel, you are ought to have some basic information about the place you are going to, to make sure your travel experience much better. You also have an option to gather information after going to your destination but that does not give you time to decide on things. This has been a problem for many and few people have come up with apps which can help you know your destination better and decide what to do and when to do.

In this post, I will list a few apps to check out before your travel to know your destination better.

  1. Pinakin:

The man behind the Pinakin app is Srikanth Iyer. His distress on finding the appropriate information about the place he was travelling to compelled him to start this app. This app shows all the information you desire- mythology, oral stories, history, and architecture of the temple. It offers the information in various languages which is a plus point. Currently, it has covered Tamil Nadu and a little of Karnataka and has audio guides for six destinations as well.

  1. Exploritage:

Exploritage is Sandeep Desai’s recent start-up. This app basically focuses on Karnataka and especially the heritage sites. The app also offers audio guides but only in English. It is trying to incorporate different languages as well as make it GPS enables to provide a better experience to its users.

  1. FlippAR:

Vivek Jain is the founder of FlippAR. This app is very convenient to use, you just need to take a picture of a particular monument or a statue and the app is going to display pictures, audio guides, videos and much more related to that place. The app uses the database of the location to search for a match of the picture that the user takes and provide all the information. It is currently operating in Bangalore and is expected to expand to as many places as possible.

  1. DigiTour:

DigiTour is Anand Babu C’s idea and is new to the race. It is going to be launched in this month and is said to be having 360-degree photography, capturing every corner of the location. It will also include audio guides and all the other specific information which the user desires to know. The user simply has to click on the icons present, each icon describes a particular aspect of that place. The company is also placing Wi-Fi hotspots at various locations at the site so that people do not have to depend on Internet connectivity. It is also trying to extend its reach to virtual reality to give the users a tour even before they reach the destination.

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