Best Tablets of 2017 That You Can Still Buy

Best Tablets of 2017

Tablets are incredibly versatile devices that are perfect to have around the house, on the go or for the kids to play games with. Browse the internet, check out a quick email, watch TV via iPlayer or Netflix – tablets are the on-the-go devices for when you want to sit back and enjoy everything the internet has to offer. Although tablets have great uses, they saw a drastic decline in the industry due to companies like Microsoft now labelling their tablets or 2-in-1 devices as laptops.

In this post, I will list out the best tablets of 2017 that you can buy no matter what budget you might have.

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro 4:

The Surface Pro 4 is the best laptop replacement, it has a true class of its own. It is one among the best styluses out in the market and has a lot of processing power for intensive tasks. When Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is used with its keyboard, it becomes a powerhouse multitasking machine, where its integration with Windows 10 is really spot on. If you’re looking for the ultimate Windows 10 portable experience, the Surface Pro 4 is the best choice.

  1. Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch:

The Apple iPad Pro 10.5in replaces the 9.7in, as one of the best tablets Apple has ever made. Apple iPad Pro 10.5in, when used alongside its keyboard, should be considered as a full-blown computer packed with a lot of power. This powerhouse runs on Apple’s latest A10X Fusion chip which will power through anything you throw at it. It now has an improved resolution, the latest iOS version. It also has increased storage and the 10.5 variant is better in every single way over the 9.7in version. If you have the budget, you would not regret this investment.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Book:

The Samsung Galaxy Book is powerful enough that it can be considered a laptop. There are two models in the product line, the 10.6in that sports an Intel Core m3, and the other one which is more expensive, the 12in variant with an Intel Core i5 inside. Depending on your requirements and your ideal size, the two tablets provide exceptional value for money. Both come bundled with a fantastic keyboard and stylus, which is a huge plus over equivalent tablets of other companies. Its display is absolutely flawless, a wide colour gamut results in a vibrant, colour accurate display, which means viewing movies, playing games and browsing will be an extremely pleasant experience.

  1. Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch:

The Apple iPad Pro 12.9in variant is an extremely large tablet with a screen of very high-resolution, awesome speakers and an excellent battery life. The 2017 version sports a new 120Hz ProMotion panel, which is excellent for sketching and navigating on the tablet. If you are an artist and love to sketch or seeking a big tablet, the iPad Pro 12.9in is the best pick.

  1. New Microsoft Surface Pro 5:

The new Surface Pro this is the Surface Pro 5 is a top-class hybrid tablet that offers everything you would ever need. Despite being the best tablet, its price alone will put many off it. Unlike some of its competitors, the new Surface Pro doesn’t even have a Type Cover, it should be purchased separately. It offers a luxurious experience, with a fantastic build quality and design. It sports the blisteringly fast 7th generation Intel Core processor which provides plenty of power.

  1. Google Pixel C:

Google’s Pixel C is one of the best Android tablets. It has a fantastic display, loads of power and a premium design. It’s not quite a laptop replacement, but the best of all in the market for a truly premium Android tablet. It’s even better as you can now download Android 7 Nougat software.

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