Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular Review

Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular Review

The smartwatch manufactured by Apple has recently launched their Apple Watch 3 Cellular and first three have done a great and the Apple Watch 3 Cellular is doing great as well.

The Major advantage of cellular connectivity on your watch means that you don’t have to carry your iPhone everywhere with you. That sounds really cool right, and most of the people normally don’t leave their phone but when you’re out on runs you can use the watch itself.

You can make calls, send messages, and get all your notifications, stream songs on Apple Music and much more by using just the Watch when your phone is out of range. Everyone has a doubt how it can be done, The eSIM, which is paired with your data plan, creates a clone of your SIM on the Watch and the data functionalities are handed over to the Watch when your iPhone is out of range

In this post, let us see why Apple Watch 3 Cellular is considered to be the best.


For many Generation, Apple is a leader in designing their Products and maintain their winning formula. Comparing with previous Apple watch there are not many changes in the latest watch. The Digital Crown gets a red-colour to separate from the other products and make it stand out from other watches. The left side of the watch has the mic and right side it has a digital crown and the back button. To the base, it has a heart rate sensor and the charging ports.


All the Apple watches comes with all features what you expect from a smartwatch and has an eSIM which lets you pair your phone’s LTE data plan with it. It has a W2 wireless chip which is the successor to the W1 chip and the same chip is used in Apple AirPods and has a faster S3 Dual Core processor. It has the same display size 42 mm and resolution of 312×390 pixels. Coming to the sensors it has accelerometer, gyroscope, heart-rate sensor and a barometric altimeter to measure how many flights of stairs you’ve climbed.

Battery Life:

If we use this watch as a second screen for notifications and measuring daily activity then battery lasts for around 2 and a half days. Taking a watch on a workout eats into the battery as the GPS chip and the Cellular radio kick in. To fully charge the Watch it takes around 90 minutes

The Apple Watch 3 Cellular has been rated as the best smartwatch to own for not only the reasons mentioned above but also for the better performance, durability etc. If you desire to own one of the Apple smartwatches but think that you will eventually end up emptying your wallet, then I have some great news for you. You should check out, which is the biggest online store for refurbished electronic gadgets. Refurbishing means the product will be tested and all the existing flaws will be removed and it is going to be certified by the company to deliver the best in class product to the customers. Budli offers a wide range of gadgets to choose from and also gives amazing discounts which you cannot afford to miss. Visit and bring home your favourite gadget.

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