Amazing Smart Assistant Amazon Echo and Google Home

Amazing Smart Assistant Amazon Echo and Google Home

How cool would it be to just say “Turn on the fire” to make the fireplace lit up? If you are someone who thinks that it is something of the future, then your probably wrong. It is already here. The next versions of the home automation technology are finally making its way into people home and life’s.

These technologies are not vulnerable, they have some pretty strong backing. Have you heard of Amazon & Google? I’m sure you have. These companies have come up with home automation products which will make your home a “smart home”.

What to know what all you can do with these amazing gadgets?

Let’s find out…

All of these home automation products run on a common technology of AI(Artificial Intelligence). Is AI good or bad is a debatable topic, but for now, let us put it to the side and talk about Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Firstly, let us get the pricing out of the way. The Amazon Echo is currently being sold in India for Rs 6,999 and the Google Home is priced at Rs 8,500.

Echo uses various search engines such as “” and “Wikipedia”, whereas Google Home uses “Google” as it’s search engine.

You can use words like – “Alexa,” “computer,” “Amazon,” or “Echo” to wake up the Amazon Echo device. On the other hand, you can say things like – “OK, Google” or “Hey, Google” to wake up the Google Home device.

Now that we have got the basic information out of the way let us see what these devices are actually capable of doing.

1. Control everything with your voice

You can control literally anything that is smart in your home. May it be your TV, your electric fireplace, music system, mobile phone and what not. You can simple make those devices do what you want them to do by simply talking to them. Let’s say you want to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S TV show on your TV, you can simply say – “Ok, Google – Play FRIENDS from NETFLIX on TV” and the Amazon Echo or Google Home gets the job done for you.

Want to play some music? Just say “Amazon, Play music” and it does that too.

The best part? You can name your devices. You can say things like – “bedroom speaker”, “living room TV”, etc. That’s makes it easy for you to talk to your home assistant and of course makes it more personal.

2. Every voice is different and the Home assistants know it

There are a few people that live in one house and when people say different things the Google Home and Amazon Echo will remember it differently too.

Example, If you said, “Call MOM” then the assistant will call your mom. Whereas if your son says, “Call MOM” it does not call your mom, instead it calls your son’s mother (Your wife), this is done by using the voice recognition technology.

3. Go Hands-Free

Now that you can literally talk to everything in your home and not physically do anything to make them work – these home assistants have made you go completely hands-free with these tasks so that you can concentrate on other important works.

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops do their part in making your life a lot more smoother, agree? But at times, these gadgets can get pretty expensive. That’s why we have a solution for you.

These are called refurbished products. Simply said, these are the devices that are open boxed and then fixed for any issues and then resold in the market with a warranty by the refurbisher.

Sounds cool? Yeah, thought so.

That’s what makes these refurbished products equal in quality to the new one but very low in pricing when compared with the new device of the same model.

So where do you buy these refurbished products?

You are reading this post in one of the largest marketplaces for refurbished products in India – We at have a huge inventory of products ranging from smartphones, tablets to laptops.

Check out and grab your next best gadgets before they are long gone.

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