5G: The Upcoming Telecom Technology


We all are aware of the rapid changes in the telecom generations, these rapid changes have led to the change in the requirements of the device through which the service is received. If a smartphone user wants to use 4G network then he would be able to do it if and only if he has a smartphone which supports 4G. As per the minister of telecom India will be rolling out 4G and will step into 5G as soon as 2020. Many other countries are even ready to showcase their 5G applications in the near future.

Indian operators might be facing a lot of challenges while rolling out 5G. This is because they have very less spectrum when compared to the international operators. This is the major reason why the cost of operation increases. There is always a complexity if the amount spent on the current technology is not regained and in the meantime, a new technology comes up which again requires investment. This is the reason most of the operators are still in debts. The upcoming generations of technology, the nearest being 5G requires a new policy and regulatory environment which is supportive. It is only that the telecom sector’s growth and India’s economic competitiveness be stable. The operators have no other choice than to change to 5G in order to satisfy the customer’s thirst for higher speed.

Everyone has eyes on 5G as it provides higher speeds and greater bandwidth, it is also ultra-reliable and connects and supports massively interconnected devices even across wide areas. The peak speed of 5G is going to be 20 times faster compared to 4G, which will give a big push to all the virtual reality applications. Innovative licensing such as sharing of the spectrum is to be done to make sure that the prices relatively come down. The shift from analog to digital transmission will result in lesser spectrum utilization thereby increasing the available spectrum. The saved spectrum can also be auctioned to generate income.

The services provided through are delivered to the users using optical cables, which is actually a complementary to the growth of wireless communication. This ensures that the user gets better speeds. This puts a little pressure on the BharatNet programme to deploy optic cables to connect every small region in the country and to ensure this, the involvement of the private sector is to be increased.

Since the 5G is set to give an entry even before 4G is extensively deployed, there is a slight pressure to make an innovative policy which would facilitate the operators with their returns and also deliver the best network to the users. Technological advancements are sure to happen every day and it is also believed that we will be experiencing better technologies than the past days. There might be changes in the technology but the best place to look for always remained the same – budli.in. Budli is the largest e-commerce site for refurbished electronic gadgets which is sure to deliver the best device for all your requirements. The best part is that it offers great deals which are sure to tempt. To keep pace with the technology bring home the latest device by upgrading your old ones at budli.in.

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