5 Hidden Facebook Settings You Should Change Right Now!

5 Hidden Facebook Settings You Should Change Right Now

From the past one month, the Cambridge Analytica scandal is trending on every social media platform. Because of this scandal, a lot of Facebook users are deleting their accounts in protest.

However, deleting your own Facebook account doesn’t ensure keeping your data safe and it actually makes no sense, now people need to be more concerned about their personal data being stored on Facebook and that can be later be misused, actually there are lots of things you can do to give away as little of your data as possible.

Here I’m are going to share 5 Hidden Facebook Settings You Should Change Right Now! If you’re concerned about your personal data being stored on Facebook and then being misused, check it out:

  1. For limiting the information friends share with you:

Most of the people don’t know that when we access a website or any app using a Facebook account, the website or app actually has an access to your personal details. Here are the things you need to change to make your personal data safe in the future.

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account and then open the Account Settings and then select “Apps”. There you can find the section “Apps Others Use”.

Step 2: Now click on that section and then you need to click on “Edit”

Step 3:  Lots of options are shown here and you need to toggle off the information that you don’t want Facebook to share with apps and websites that your friends use.

After doing above steps, click on Save Changes and you’re done.

  1. To manage app permissions for the Facebook app:

We actually give permission to gather information from our phone while installing Facebook apps like Facebook lite, Messenger. You need to follow these instructions to manage app permission for Facebook apps.

Step 1: Select App Information and then go to Permissions

Step 2: You need to uncheck permissions like SMS, Telephone, Contacts, and Microphone under Permissions.

By doing all the above steps, you will uncheck all of the permissions from the Facebook App.

  1. Manage app permissions for Messenger:

Facebook gathers information from its Messenger App just like collecting from other Facebook Apps. While installation, it asks for permissions to read your text messages. So, make sure to turn those options off.

Step 1: While installing Facebook messenger, make sure you don’t turn on the Text Anyone in Your Phone and Send and Receive SMS in Messenger options.

Step 2: It will even ask you to add your phone number. Make sure you don’t add your phone number to Messenger either.

  1. Limiting the Ads:

While we use Facebook we can see the lots of ads related and some ads related to the same stuff which we searched for earlier. This clearly shows us that Facebook knows what you were browsing on another website. To stop this you need to follow few steps.

Step 1: Open the Account Settings and then click on “Ads”

Step 2: Now you need to toggle off your personal data that you don’t want to share with Advertisers.

  1. Check your apps and services section:

This is the main thing you need to do if you are really concerned about your personal data being stored on Facebook and misused later.

Step 1: Open Account Settings and then select the Apps Tab

Step 2: There you will see the list of apps and services that are connected to your Facebook account. You need to review them and remove the ones which you don’t trust or use anymore.

That’s it, you are done!

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