4 Points to Examine Before You Buy Used Laptop in India

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Due to the ongoing pandemic, many children and working professionals were forced to buy laptops in India. But for many middle-class families, buying a brand-new laptop does not feel like a feasible option.

A brand-new laptop would cost a minimum of Rs. 40,000, whereas purchasing used laptops from Budli seems like the best option.

What factors to examine before you buy a used laptop?

But the main concern of buying a used laptop is determining whether the laptop is in good condition or not. Another major risk is that the buyers don’t know whether the laptop was stolen or genuinely used by a customer.

There are several other concerns, like these, and to purchase a decent used laptop, you should consider the following factors before ordering.

1- Ask for the name and model number of the laptop

Several sellers only disclose the name of the laptop but do not specify the model number. They may mention used HP laptop, Lenovo laptops, or Apple MacBook Pro. But the manufacturer’s name is not enough, as the same manufacturer produces several models. By knowing the model number or the serial number, you can know the laptop’s specification.

2- Inspect the keyboard and the display

The keyboard will give you an idea about how well the previous owner took care of the laptop. Ideally, all keys should be in working condition. Plus, the trackpad should be big enough to do multiple tasks such as zoom, two-finger scroll, etc.

The display of the laptop should be crisp and clear. Check signs for any dead pixels, flickering or sports on the screen.

Before purchasing, access the internet and play some random videos to inspect the quality.

3- Check the battery and the adapter

Once you know the laptop’s model number, you will understand how long the battery will last. Each laptop has different battery configurations. And over time, the battery doesn’t work at its full potential. So look for this point before you buy used laptops.

Look whether the battery charges properly with the adapter. If you notice any issues, such as the adapter not charging or taking too much time to charge fully, it is best to move on to the next laptop.

4- Determine the ideal size of the laptop

Since laptops are now available in all shapes and sizes, you should specify the right screen size of the laptop.

A normal laptop size ranges from a 13-inch screen up to a 17-inch screen. If you have very little work on the laptop, then you should opt for a larger notebook, as they will help fulfil all your taste at hand.

Wrapping up

This was an overview of some tips that will help you buy used laptops in India. Get it from a reliable seller like Budli. We have built a reputation as one of the leading refurbished laptop sellers in India with our proven work processes.

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