5G: The Upcoming Telecom Technology

We all are aware of the rapid changes in the telecom generations, these rapid changes have led to the change in the requirements of the device through which the service is received. If a smartphone user wants to use 4G network then he would be able to do it if

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Cricketers and their Gadgets

Top Cricketers and Their Gadgets

India has always been influenced a lot by cricket and cinema. We always have an eye on everything that the cricketers and movie stars do in their personal lives. This persuades manufacturers to involve these public figures to endorse their products in order to increase their sales. Do you really

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Long lasting smartphone

How Long Should A Good Smartphone Last You?

People generally stock up their old smartphones and look for flagship smartphones from the manufacturer of their choice every time it launches a new one. This definitely holds true for the users of companies like Apple, Samsung, Google and a few others. Every user wants the latest and the most

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Loudest Smartphone Speakers

Loudest Smartphone Speakers in the Market

Smartphone features are increasing tremendously but when we take a look at the speaker advancement, there’s not much of a difference which is disappointing all the sound lovers. For all the party-starters who want to raise the roof with their smartphone’s sound and for all the deep sleepers who need

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