Smartphones with Higher Power Backup

1. Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro

This Samsung device tops this list with its 5000mAh battery which offers usage time of 4-5 hours which is truly applaudable. It has a non-removable battery which is not a big disadvantage but would have been better if it sported a removable battery as it helps

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refurbished mobile

Keeping your smartphone as tidy as new

When the person buy a new smartphone, it often runs quickly for a just few months, and then the smartphone goes to slow down. But it turns out that it’s pretty easy for the person to keep their smartphone — either an iPhone or an Android device running like new.

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Top 5 Dating Apps of 2016

Dating has become a lot common in these dates and people are in search of genuine services which provide quality matches for themselves. Here is a list of top 5 dating apps of 2016.

1. Tinder

This is the world highly rated online dating service app provider. Tinder is a location-based app that helps you

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