Bridging The Digital Divide In India

Technology is changing the world much faster than we can imagine. Our lives have changed in so many ways in the last decade itself and we don’t even realize it. Today we take services like Google, Facebook, Online Shopping, eTicketing, GPS, etc. for granted which were hardly even present a decade back. Old paradigms are giving way to new ones. Over the next few years, technology is going to impact our lives in many more ways which we cannot envisage today. Education, healthcare, manufacturing and so many sectors are going to go through radical change.


However, there still exists a vast digital divide in India between people who have access to all the benefits of technology and those who don’t. Bridging this divide will result in a massive change, which will revolutionize the quality of life for millions – many of whom are yet to experience this change. This will result in a massive social upheaval and lead to better education, poverty alleviation, access to healthcare and so many more benefits. Today anyone with a smartphone and Internet connection from any part of the world has access to more knowledge and information than what President of the US has just 15 years ago. We truly live in amazing times!


Budli (change) is the only constant. We believe in changing the world and creating a change, which will impact millions of people. Contribute back to the world and create something bigger than us.


Introducing ReCommerce (Reverse Commerce)

What do we do with our used gadgets? The options today are limited:

  • Give it to a friend or relative to use it.
  • Sell it to a local dealer. Usually they only accept while buying something new from them. Even then the value they offer is inconsistent and varies greatly.
  • Sell it using a classified ad (online or offline). Usually we are not sure when the device will sell, at what price, the genuinity of the person buying it and we have to speak to many different kinds of people and do price haggling. The user experience can be
  • good, bad or ugly. It is at best YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary).
  • Leave it lying in a drawer somewhere in our house losing value where it will eventually become e-waste.
  • If it has already become useless, give it to a local scrap dealer where the e-waste is usually not handled in a scientific manner, which is harmful for the environment.

We solve this problem by providing a consistent, controlled, curated selling experience, which is currently missing. We offer users a simple, easy and convenient way to value and sell their used gadgets instantly from the comfort of their home or office.

About 100 Million new gadgets of all types are sold in India. Out of these, about 1 million used smartphones are expected to have been sold in 2013, amounting to about US$100 million. This figure is expected to multiply manifold in the coming years. Currently the space for used gadgets is mainly in the unorganized sector, which is going to change with the growth of ReCommerce. Recommerce of consumer electronics devices is bound to grow exponentially in the coming years.


The Golden Circle of Budli.inGOLDEN-CIRCLE

(Inspired by Simon Sinek’s The Golden Circle)


Why we do it?

We strive to facilitate people to embrace change through the adoption of technologically advanced gadgets by a wider section of society (for example, those who can’t afford) and also handling of these used devices in an environmentally friendly manner. We bridge the digital divide in India and provide access to technologically advanced devices to a large portion of the society, also enabling users to resell their used gadgets in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

How do we do it?

We allow users to value and sell their used gadgets instantly and directly to us. These devices are then resold through various channels. We also facilitate the donation of the sale proceeds to charitable causes through us.

What are we doing?

We are creating and driving change.



How it Works

Budli (meaning “Change” in Hindi) is into Recommerce (Reverse Commerce), which allows users to sell their used gadgets in a secure, fast, convenient and simple way from the comfort of their home or office in a hassle free manner. We offer an instant price discovery mechanism, free shipment pickup and prompt direct payment to the seller.

We offer a unique C2B business model where we buy the used gadgets directly from users all over India. There is an option to donate their gadget for charity. The gadgets are monetized and proceeds contributed to a charitable institution. The eCommerce model where the user typically pays the seller and the seller ships the product to him is flipped in ReCommerce where the user ships the product and gets paid for it.

Using a simple 3-step process, anyone can sell their used gadget:

  1. Price Quote: Obtain a live instant dynamic price quote for the gadget by choosing the model and selecting specifications, condition, age & accessories included. The system provides an instant live dynamic price quote based on the selections.
  2. Shipping: Accept Price Quote, print shipping label and pack the product. It will be picked up from most locations in India free of cost by our logistics partner and shipped to us for inspection.
  3. Get Paid: Once the product is checked at our end, payment will be sent  by online bank transfer or cheque within 7 working days of receipt of the device. In case there is any discrepancy in the evaluation of the device, we offer a re-quote or else the product is returned back free of cost. It’s a risk free selling experience.


Major online and offline retailers are interested in partnering with us for providing a buy back solution to them on a national level.

These Certified Pre-owned devices are resold using various channels – online, through dealers & B2B partnerships.

We are also introducing COL™ (Cash on Location) through which users can visit our designated centers, have their gadget inspected and get paid instantly.



Some of the key benefits we enable are:

  • Unshop used gadgets which are usually lying around from the comfort of your home/office
  • Socially responsible: Enable adoption of technologically advanced used gadgets at a much lower cost.
  • Environmentally friendly was to resell used gadgets. Re-commerce extends the life cycle of gadgets.
  • Donate sale proceeds of used gadgets for charity
  • Increase the life cycle of gadgets


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